Kliuchevskoi Trip Report (#4195)

  • Signed By: Dan Colborne of Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • Date submitted: June 27, 2004

A very cold trip. After a week long blizzard practically buried us on the Bogdanovich, at the first sign of clear weather we skied up to the pass and set up camp.

That night was well below minus 30C and getting out of the tent was a challenge. We set off at first light - about 0630. By 0930, Steve and Stu had developing frostbite in hands and feet and turned back. Jarrod Sam and Dan continued up to the summit, reaching there at 1630.

Spectacular views for the climb. the volcano roared like a freight train when we were on the lip, then the smoke cleared to let us see into the bowels of the earth.

Sam then put on his telemark skis and skied back to the pass. As far as we know, it's the first climb and ski descent of the volcano.

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