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One of the most beautiful peaks in the Canadian Rockies. One of the last of the "Ten Peaks" (number 8) in the famous Valley of Ten Peaks. No easy way up the north side and a long way to walk from the south. The north side holds two of the most classic alpine ice climbs in the range.

Elevation (feet): 11,233
Elevation (meters): 3,424
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Range/Region: Canadian Rockies
Province: Alberta/British Columbia
Latitude: 51.301428
Longitude: -116.245737
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1903
First successful climber(s): Eggers,Parker,Kaufmann,Kaufmann
Nearest major airport: Calgary
Convenient Center: Lake Louise

Thanks to Dane Burns for adding this peak.

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  • Log #16478 - by Dane Burns on May 20, 2001
    Gwain Oka and I made the second ascent of the Super Coulior over two rainy days in August of '76. Geogre Lowe and Chris Jones made the first a couple years ealier, Jerry Rogan and Jim Elzinga added a...