Elevation (feet): 6,214
Elevation (meters): 1,894
Continent: Europe
Country: Serbia and Montenegro/Bosnia and Herzegovina
Range/Region: Dinaric Alps
Latitude: 42.57
Longitude: 18.545
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Year first climbed: 1868
First successful climber(s): Ascherson
Nearest major airport: Dubrovnik, Tivat
Convenient Center: Herceg Novi

Thanks to Pavle Cikovac for adding this peak.

Orjen is a rugged limestone range in Montenegro and Herzegovina and is the biggest coastal mountain of the Adriatic. At 1894 m Zubački kabao, the main summit, is also the highest peak in the littoral Dinaric Alps. The central peak zone with 6 peaks greater than 1800 m concentrate around Zubački kabao. Adjacent high alpine peaks are Bugonja greda (1848 m), Vučji zub (1805 m) and Jastrebica (1864 m). Extensive folded and karstified, the limestone mountain range was also heavy glaciated during Pleistocene periods. At the summits, surrounding ridges and high plateaus the action of quaternary glaciation is evident. In Ice Age long valley glaciers advanced from Orjen to the edge of the Bay of Kotor and surrounding poljes, hollowing U-shaped valleys and cirques in their course. Impressive glaciers over 350 m thick, and 10 km length deposited well preserved terminal moraines 150 m high.

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  • Log #16570 - by Pavle Cikovac on June 18, 2001
    Few visitors come nowadays to Mt Orjen, and even fewer people live in these wild mountains. Orjen is in the vicinity of major beach resorts (Dubrovnik, Budva, Herceg Novi) and is worth a trip....