Kula Kangri

Kula Kangri has been widely reported to be the highest mountain in Bhutan, located in a remote area of Northern Bhutan, near the Chinese border. However, recent Chinese sources, with confirmation by Japanese sources, place Kula Kangri entirely within China, with elevation 7538 metres, not 7554 metres, as traditionally quoted. The Chinese survey further establishes that Gangkar Punsum is higher, at 7570 metres, and that it lies on the border between China and Bhutan, although no boundary treaty has been concluded with Bhutan.

Nevertheless, natural features argue in favor of Kula Kangri as being entirely within China, and at the lower quoted height than traditionally given. It remains for Bhutan to conduct its own survey if the confusion or doubt is to be removed. The traditional height of Gangkar Punsum is 7541 metres, not 7570, as the modern Chinese survey indicates.

The divergence of opinion regarding Kula Kangri and Gangkar Punsum is heightend by the policy of Bhutan banning climbing of all mountains in Bhutan higher than 6000 metres since 1994, although a Japanese expedition claims to have reached Gangkar Punsum's North summit, known as Liangkang Kangri (7535m) in 1999, which is still on the Chinese side of the border as apparently regarded by China. Incidentally, the Latitude of Gangkar Punsum is believed to be 28.02.48 North, and Longitude 90.27.21 East, whereas Kula Kangri's is now quoted at 28.13.34 N, 90.36.4 E.

Elevation (feet): 24,731
Elevation (meters): 7,538
Continent: Asia
Country: Bhutan
Range/Region: Bhutan Himalaya
Latitude: 28.2333
Longitude: 90.6
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Apr, May, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Paro, Bhutan
Convenient Center: Thimpu, Bhutan

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