Osorno Trip Report (#16585)

  • Signed By: Pedro Hauck
  • Date submitted: December 22, 2002

I attent to climb the Osorno in a travel I and Maximo serantes, my best friend, did in 2000. we started in january in Brazil and we crossed all south of argentina and Chile hith-rikking and climbing the mountains we found on the way. We diddn't have all equipments even so we climb it without crampons and with an only piolet. We crakkd the ice with the piolet, to built up an ice steps, and by that way we was almoust arriving in the summit when we crossed whith the conaf "guarda parques" and they obligated us to get down with them because of our equipament's. they became mad with us and sent off us off the montain. Nobady after that believed we did it, climb that volcano and arrive 30 meters from the top without equipaments. Now we are preparing another climb in that volcano. with equipaments off course, to get in the summit, what we didn't at that time.

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