Osorno Trip Report (#16586)

  • Signed By: Roland Haas
  • Date submitted: December 01, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 3. 11. 2002

It was raining when we started from Puerto Octay early morning, and it still was drizzling when we reached La Picada. We had to carry the skis for about an hour. Half an hour later it started to clear and we where above the clouds - what a view. Ski depot about 200 m below the summit, crampons on - we passed only one crevasse - no problem. And again - as on Villarica and Lonquimay before - the best was yet to come: skiing down the slopes! Osorno is a real mountain... Los locos Austriacos: Wolfgang Koelblinger, Peter Koelblinger, Hannes Raffelsberger, Guenter Bachl, Hannes Spiessberger, Roland Haas

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