Arc Dome

Elevation (feet): 11,775
Elevation (meters): 3,589
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Great Basin Ranges
State: Nevada
Latitude: 38.832778
Longitude: -117.353056
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Reno Int'l
Convenient Center: Round Mountain, Nevada

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Arc Dome crowns the Toiyabe Range and Arc Dome Wilderness area in central Nevada. Located in the southern 1/3 of the range, the peak stands somewhat alone and is visible to travelers from up to 100mi distant. The most popular route is a 14mi rt. trail leading through verdant canyons to the summit. Arc Dome also makes for a popular winter ski tour - though has a reputation for unpredictable weather and thus, a rather low winter summit success rate. Views from the summit extend from California's Sierra Nevada to the Schell Creek range near the Nevada/Utah border.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #20404 - by rick on Sep 29, 2006
    This is one of the most amazing climbs I've done in N. Nevada! Spectacular sweeping views everywhere you look. Great wilderness hike as we met 0 people. Had to do some cross-country hiking on return...
  • Log #16613 - by Scott on Sep 03, 2003
    Climbed on a spectacular if somewhat hazy day. Drove from Reno that morning, left the trailhead around 9:30 and summited 2hrs 40min later. Took a different trail down for scenery and drove back to...
  • Log #16614 - by Scott Lougheed on Aug 18, 2003
    Terrific 14 mile hike. Some of the best NV has to offer.
  • Log #16615 - by Dan Smith on June 24, 2001
    I suggest buying hiking boots that have thick soles, mine were thin and in the rocky terrain your feet don't hold up well. I made it to the top in about 4 1/2 hours. You do alright if you walk slow...
  • Log #16616 - by Jason Richling on June 22, 2001
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