Pik Lenin

Pik Lenin Trip Report (#4379)

  • Signed By: Jo Heersink
  • Date submitted: September 10, 2003

It is said by some that this is an ideal peak for starters on high altitude, but I know better ones. Peak Lenin is in many respects a tricky bastard and has build a name as a killer mountain, (during 1992 the biggest mountaineering disaster ever happened on it when 42 climbers died in an avalanche which completely wiped out camp 2). Apart from that the way from camp 3 to the summit is to long and very wind exposed: If you are not on the summit by at latest 3 in the afternoon, turn around! You could get yourself in deep shit by pushing on. I hope that one day my company ALPEX will find the clients to mount an attempt on the technically difficult east wall. Up to now I did the North Face and a year later a solo on normal, Razdelnaya col, route.

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