Longs Peak

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Longs Peak is the only 14,000-foot peak located within Rocky Mountain National Park, and is the most frequently climbed of Colorado's fourteeners. It towers over its surrounding peaks in the northern Front Range of the Colorado Rockies. Its most notable feature is its spectacular 1,675-foot east face, a portion of which, the sheer 1,000-foot Diamond Face, has long been respected by climbers as an extraordinary challenge.

Elevation (feet): 14,258
Elevation (meters): 4,346
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Front Range
State: Colorado
Latitude: 40.2547
Longitude: -105.615
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Year first climbed: 1868
First successful climber(s): John Wesley Powell and party
Nearest major airport: Denver, Colorado
Convenient Center: Estes Park, Colorado

Trip Reports

NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

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  • Log #22079 - by Dennis Mulherin on Sep 15, 2010
    Our climbing team, "Summit Bound", had a great experience climbing to the boulder field and camping in conditions that ranged from blue sky, rain, hail, and winds up to about 40 mph on the 16th,...
  • Log #21705 - by AustinHanson on July 03, 2009
    I was able to make it to the summit of this beast on 2 out of 6 attempts. Weather was the main reason for being turned around 4 times. The trail is fairly easy, but very long. I think its a little...
  • Log #21456 - by Hendrik Jan Riesebos on Sep 30, 2008
    started out, round 3.15AM, with Marco, my brother-in-law, who resides in ft Collins, Co. A chilly night, bright stars, the glow of Boulder's citylights through the trees as we climb. The air starts...
  • Log #21435 - by Barrett Wood on Sep 11, 2008
    Our hike was fairly standard for the peak. Beautiful clear skies in the morning and some threatening clouds later in the day, but no rain. We were late getting to the parking lot (4:20) and it was...
  • Log #21387 - by Michael Boone on Aug 15, 2008
    Brutal haul...flew straight from Dallas to climb the summit. Did not acclimate, learned my lesson! Very windy.
  • Log #21346 - by Mike Dowell on July 17, 2008
    My cousin, his 19-year-old son, and my brother-in-law,started out at 2:15am. I've always been intrigued by mountain-climbing and was looking for a new adventure about 4 years ago. I did some research...
  • Log #21299 - by Troy J. Braswell on June 03, 2008
    We started early at around 2am. It was a tough hike considering it was my first 14er and my first month in elevation. Luckily, I had my brother and one of his friends to keep me going. We worked well...
  • Log #21027 - by Micah on Sep 14, 2007
    During this hike we climbed not only Long's Peak but also Mt. Meeker, Storm Peak, Mt. Lady Washington, Battle Mountain and Estes Cone in the same day. It turned out to be about 20 hours of hiking w/o...
  • Log #20996 - by Josiah Faas on Sep 01, 2007
    5 mi hike to Boulder Field. Moderate climb afterwards. made a bit more difficult b/c of places of wet rock. Perfect day, calm at the top.
  • Log #20994 - by Patrick L. Lilly on Aug 30, 2007
    Climbed via the Loft route, summitting Mt. Meeker along the way. Started long before dawn, and it was a good idea. The traverse from Meeker, below the Palisades, was technical, but less problematic...
  • Log #20982 - by Patrick L. Lilly on Aug 27, 2007
    Climbed via the Loft route in order to bag Mt. Meeker on the way. Left the TH at 2:45 am en route to a 13-hour day on the trail. Arduous, but rewarding.
  • Log #20958 - by lana Krejci on Aug 19, 2007
    This was my first climb...I have had friends say that since I climbed Longs Peak first, I can climb any of the 14ers..It was an incredible accomplishment. I made the climb with 4 other women and we...
  • Log #20940 - by Dave Mycroft on Aug 09, 2007
    Heard there was good snow so flew in from the UK and drove straight up to Estes Park. Headed up from trailhead and camped at the Boulderfieldin high wind and snow - with altitude sickness from going...
  • Log #20885 - by Matt S on July 18, 2007
    Started early and had no problems. Started at 2:45 and finished at 1:45 pm. Snow in the trough but was easily passable, actually easier than climbing over the loose rock. No crampons needed.
  • Log #20696 - by Tim Koehl on Mar 20, 2007
    Great training for the Himalayas! This was our 3rd attempt to summit Longs. Our first attempt via The Keyhole in July of ‘03 was thwarted by high winds. Our second attempt, the North Face via the...
  • Log #20663 - by Kevin F. Smith on Feb 14, 2007
    My brother and I made the drive from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Rocky Mountain National Park in just about a day. We arrived at the visitor center/trailhead for Longs at around 7 AM. Shortly after...
  • Log #20566 - by George Sovak on Jan 01, 2007
    My first trip to Long's was everything I had imagined!! After a year of planning, my wife and I headed for Denver in Aug. of 2004 and spent the first part of our week getting used to the elevation(a...
  • Log #18825 - by Christopher Kotalik on Nov 14, 2006
    Very impressive, recommend it to all HINT-leave at 11 at nite you will avoid alot of traffic on the mountain
  • Log #18953 - by TJ on Nov 14, 2006
    Climbed with Technical rating via Loft Route on 10/30/05: Started at 3:30a, at Chasm Junction by 4:30a then branched off to Meeker. Only encountered 2 people thus far. Up to the Loft by 7am (took...
  • Log #20432 - by Stephanie on Oct 11, 2006
    This is a poem I wrote yesterday - 10/10/06. Our climb was in early August. Epitaph for a Toenail Here lies my toenail Wrapped in tissue. It held its polish Tried and true.
  • Log #20416 - by Eric Gaffney on Oct 03, 2006
    Longs Peak was very tough towards the end, however, very doable. There were amazing views and several very dangerous areas. All in all, an excellent climb.
  • Log #19750 - by Chris Ball on Sep 27, 2006
    I had wanted to climb Longs ever since I was a little kid. I would make great plans every year for the ensuing summer to make the trek, but it never seemed to happen. During the summer of 2005, I was...
  • Log #19778 - by Matt Van Wieren on Sep 27, 2006
    My favorite peak of the Colorado fourteeners so far. Lots of variety, beautiful area/views, many people make this an interesting hike. I enjoyed the narrows and the homestretch. What a flat top! I...
  • Log #19801 - by Dave Mohrhaus on July 26, 2006
    Started at midnight and arrived at keyhole 1.5 hours before daylight. Took a long break waiting for daylight before crossing the keyhole. The trough and the homestrech is the requires the most effort.
  • Log #19889 - by Rick Hedstrom on July 15, 2006
    There are many written descriptions of the Keyhole route as crowded, beautiful but still challenging although not technical and this is exactly what my 21-year-old stepson and I found on our climb....
  • Log #19115 - by Nathan McCarty on Feb 14, 2006
    If you look at the total distance from the trailhead to the summit (7.5 miles if I remember)you might figure the half way point is slightly after the Chasm Lake Junction. The one piece of advise I...
  • Log #18815 - by Neal M. Braswell on Feb 14, 2006
    Did the Cable Route. We started about 2am walking with 3 people in our group but we encountered people from all over the world in mass. A lot were out of shape and most likely did not summit....
  • Log #18849 - by Gil Hughes on Feb 14, 2006
    Started off at 2:30 in the total darkness with two friends. Reached the summitt around 10am after watching a beatufiul sunrise. We met some great folks along the way to the top. The boulder field on...
  • Log #18711 - by Shawn Voigts on Sep 13, 2005
    Via the Keyhole route. My friend and I (both flatlanders living at 700' elevation) endured a long trip to the top. The views after the keyhole were amazing. We had temps in the 40's, but strong winds.
  • Log #18918 - by Lane Read on Aug 28, 2005
    This was the fourth attempt. Conditions were fantstic and the climb was great. We arrived in Colorado on Thursday and climbed the peak Saturday. I would recommend that for those coming from outside...
  • Log #4625 - by Karen Maley on Nov 10, 2004
    My friends were busy this weekend so I tackled Longs Peak solo, knowing how many others would be up there on a holiday weekend. I started at 5:30 am, reached the Keyhole by 10:30 am, summited just...
  • Log #4629 - by Ray Lang on Nov 10, 2004
    A friend of mine and I left the parking lot at sunup. Back in those days we still had the cable route on the North Face. Had lunch with our legs dangling over the 'diamond', completed the ascent and...
  • Log #4630 - by Denise & Reese Benoit on Nov 10, 2004
    This was our second summit of Long's Peak. The first was in 2000 with Mike Donahue of Colorado Mountain School. The second was August 5, 2004 with Roy Leggett of Colorado Mountain School, and friends...
  • Log #4624 - by Jeremy Bishop on Nov 09, 2004
    I was on a road trip to Montana,down to Yellowstone and The Tetons and finally Rocky Mtn. All this while living out of my vehicle a small Jeep Wrangler.I had never climbed a fourteener before. So I...
  • Log #4623 - by Dan Colahan on Nov 08, 2004
    We had the most perfect weather we could ask for. Left the ranger station at 02:35 and summitted at 08:30. Just as everyone says the view made the trip worth it. Completing the climb with a great...
  • Log #4622 - by Charley Griffin on Nov 07, 2004
    Our group of five left the trailhead at 02:30 and summitted at 08:30. Six hours up, one hour on the summit and six hours down. One of the greatest days of my life. Both magnificent and humbling...
  • Log #4621 - by Bill McKirgan on Nov 06, 2004
    We left the trailhead at 2:15am on what turned out to be a perfect day. The hike up was cool and windy, but the weather improved after sunrise. Lisa and I took many water and air breaks on our way...
  • Log #4620 - by Craig J. Becker on Nov 05, 2004
    After trying to convince some friends/family to come with me, I gave up and went solo (pls note: Try to get someone to go with you. I found it to be a bit boring traveling alone). I Started out on...
  • Log #4619 - by Gordon Longsworth on Nov 04, 2004
    Solo Hike in nice weather. Snowed the nite before. Ice axe recommendation for the trough, but I did not know that. Kicking in worked fine in the softpack snow.
  • Log #4618 - by Sarah Stratton on Nov 03, 2004
    I spent the whole summer working in Estes Park and finally in July a group of us decided to try hiking Long's. We left early enough to be one of the first up there and it was just spectacular. I will...
  • Log #4617 - by Ryan Badtke on Nov 02, 2004
    This was my first 14er, and I had no idea what to expect on the climb. I figured if I do one of the harder peaks first, I'll have more confidence doing the rest. I left at 3:00 am and saw no one on...
  • Log #4456 - by Roxana Carey on Nov 01, 2004
    Get a really early start in June. Take a quick nap at Boulder Field then book it to the top~! The rest of the summer months are not as bad.
  • Log #4470 - by Joe Masonick on Nov 01, 2004
    I climbed Longs Peak with my son, Paul, on July 30, 2004 It was a great trip!. We began at 1:50 am and it took 16 hours to complete the roundtrip. I was concerned about my physical ability to...
  • Log #4471 - by Julie Ernewein on Nov 01, 2004
    Well now. What an experience. I'm 21 years old and Long's was the first mountain I've ever climbed. It such a great experience!!! Now, starting off I was sooo cold. We got to the ranger's station...
  • Log #4472 - by Gregory Kolb on Nov 01, 2004
    My first time doing Longs....AMAZING! Stunning views especially since it was clear. Clark's Arrow is slightly more than we bargained for including some nasty class 4's but what an amazing day.
  • Log #4473 - by Chris Wilson on Nov 01, 2004
    We arrived at the ranger at 3:30am to find out the summit was closed. The body of a man that died two days before was still up there. Rescuers could not bring him down until Monday when the weather...
  • Log #4474 - by Joshua L. Hermsen on Nov 01, 2004
    i climbed this mountain station to station in 8 hours and 42 minutes to commemorate the lives and recent deaths of 2 of my good friends from college. i made some new friends at the keyhole on the way...
  • Log #4475 - by Thomas lawson on Nov 01, 2004
    Bluebird day Wednesday! 530AM start..made it to the keyhole by 830AM. Summit 1030AM. Never climbed Longs before.
  • Log #4476 - by Nancy and Nathan Peterson on Nov 01, 2004
    We climbed Long's on August 5, 2004. We started at the Ranger's Station at 1:30 am, about 12 hours after arriving from Minneapolis. There was a sign indicating that due to ice in the Trough, it was...
  • Log #4477 - by Steven Hudson on Nov 01, 2004
    I have attempted Longs 3 times befor I was able to summit on the 4th. The first 3 times I only made it to the Key Hole due to starting to late and weather. This time I was on the trail at 4:20 with...
  • Log #4478 - by Shanna on Nov 01, 2004
    Too many people. I have never felt sorry for a mountain until I summitted Longs. Rocks which were once rough and jagged are now smooth and slippery. :( AMAZING views of McHenry's Peak and Chief's...
  • Log #4479 - by Derek Sherlock on Nov 01, 2004
    My first 14-er! In hindsight, an easier mountain might have been a better choice for the first one, but hey, I MADE IT! Started at Longs Peak ranger station, approx 9 hours up, 7 down, the keyhole...
  • Log #4480 - by Jon Wit on Nov 01, 2004
    I went up Long's 5 times between the ages of 19 and 27, and then for the 6th time 20 years later at age 47. It was hard back then, and it doesn't get any easier. Always started at the Long's Peak...
  • Log #4481 - by Jonathan Jarrow on Nov 01, 2004
    After a first failed attempt two years earlier, I decided one night to take on the challenge once again. I began at 2:15am and I reached the summit at 6:45am. I took the keyhole route and I must say...
  • Log #4482 - by Richar and Stephen Vallette on Nov 01, 2004
    This was a tough climb for those who live below sealevel. Only had a few days to adjust to the altitude in Denver prior to attempting Longs Peak. There was a lot of heavy breathing for me, but with a...
  • Log #4483 - by Jay and Jeff Kment on Nov 01, 2004
    My brother and I did the summit. It was alot more difficult than we imagined. Physically, my brother and I are in VERY good shape, and I still cannot believe how much air we sucked. We also both...
  • Log #4484 - by Chris Robinson on Nov 01, 2004
    Summited via the Keyhole Route. Relatively uneventful, though the Trough was full of ice and snow. Arrived on top at approx. 0945, and headed down at 1100.
  • Log #4485 - by Mike Lakotish on Nov 01, 2004
    Got the last parking spot at the trailhead at 4am! Cable route was still iced up so we opted for the keyhole, which ended up being more of a challenge than I anticipated. Snow and ice led us to the...
  • Log #4486 - by spencer curtis on Nov 01, 2004
    Absolutely perfect weather. We left at 0400 - earlier is better. Rain started to move in during the afternoon, but did not cause problems. The ice is melting steadily on the backside.
  • Log #4488 - by Bill Kirby on Nov 01, 2004
    Leave early in the morning - 3-4 a.m.
  • Log #4489 - by John and Stacey Sype on Nov 01, 2004
    Camped at the Boulderfield on July 22nd with hail and rain most of the day. Left camp at 5:15 AM the next day with mist and fog. Arrived at the Keyhole above the clouds a little later. The route from...
  • Log #4490 - by Chris Reed on Nov 01, 2004
    Camped at the boulder field, it was sick. First group on top that morning, unbelievable views. My dad seemed to think it was much more difficult than I did, but I guess thats because he's old. Every...
  • Log #4491 - by Mark Jackson on Nov 01, 2004
    Mid-July might be a bit too early(there was deep snow all the way up the trough, and wet rocks throught the narrow and fianl ascent), but the intense fear has made me a stronger person.
  • Log #4492 - by chad nash on Nov 01, 2004
    Started early, finished early ice was still good awsome views
  • Log #4493 - by Ken Sanchez on Nov 01, 2004
    Longs Peak is one of 37 different fourteeners I've climbed in Colorado. The first summit I made of Longs was with a friend who had already been. The subsequent one's were all with friends who needed...
  • Log #4494 - by Maureen McMahon Muck on Nov 01, 2004
    My only claim to climbing is my nephew, Brian McMahon. He has opened my eyes to this exciting and scary world.
  • Log #4495 - by Susan Faidley on Nov 01, 2004
    Incredible climb! After some great experiences climbing Katahdin, Rainier, Hood, St. Helens and Whitney, I found Longs Peak to be right up there in beauty, excitement and challenge. It actually...
  • Log #4496 - by Karen on Nov 01, 2004
    This was my first 14er- it was great, yet quite a shock! We stared at 2:30am, hit HORRIBLE winds around 5:30am but kept on trecking, hit the keyhole and freaked out! Yep- I LOVE hiking, but this was...
  • Log #4497 - by Abram Hess on Nov 01, 2004
    This was my first 14er when i was 12 years old; i climbed it with my dad and 2 other guys. We left at 3:30AM, summited around 11:00 i think, and met an enourmous cloud in The Trough on the way down....
  • Log #4498 - by Yusuf Siddiqui on Nov 01, 2004
    After having been up to the Keyhole twice and climbed several other 14ers, I decided it was high time to climb the one in my backyard. The hike to Longs in long, and the last half is high and...
  • Log #4499 - by I88H88I on Nov 01, 2004
    Nice warm weather, solid packed snow...it was windy going through the keyhole and I lost my hat. The section going through the boulder field and the trough is still covered with deep snow and it's...
  • Log #4500 - by Jason Castro on Nov 01, 2004
    My uncle who lives in Colorado Springs took me, my sister, his 10 year old daughter and wife to attempt to summit the peak. I dont know what he was thinking taking the little girls because the closer...
  • Log #4501 - by Douglas W. Thornley on Nov 01, 2004
    For this flat-lander it took 10 hrs round trip and was worth every step. When I looked over the Keyboard of the Winds and saw the Narrows, I sat down for 20 min. and wondered what I was doing here.
  • Log #4502 - by Frank Reddick on Nov 01, 2004
    Climbed up the North Face-Old Cable Route. A fun climb, especially if you want to avoid the crowded Keyhole Route during the summer. It's not too difficult, and the rope section is very short.
  • Log #4503 - by Charlsie Paine on Nov 01, 2004
    After a summer working at the Grand Lake Lodge, I climbed Longs with two friends (an expert hiker from europe, and a rookie like me) on my last day off before I had to go back to school. Almost...
  • Log #4504 - by Dennis Sulewski on Nov 01, 2004
    After climbing Whitney twice in California, I still think that Long's was much more intense of a climb. I most remember the wind rushing through the keyhole and the 20 yards or so of the Narrows. I...
  • Log #4505 - by Quinn Brett on Nov 01, 2004
    FANTASTIC~! Get to see this mountain every morning... takes alot to go to "work" and not go play in the mountains!! Any route you choose, be it keyhole, kieners, north face, diamond, its...
  • Log #4506 - by Cory Shetler on Nov 01, 2004
    Long's Peak is a breath taking and challenging climb. The climb is a little ricky but well worth it in the end. My brother and i did the hike from the trailhead: started at 5:15 ended at 3:30 w/ a...
  • Log #4507 - by Cory Lampert on Nov 01, 2004
    Well, it was a bit weird hiking up the mountain with tons of headlights illuminating the path! We made it up to the Boulderfield no problem, but it was COLD! At the Boulderfield the sun came up and...
  • Log #4508 - by David P. Carter on Nov 01, 2004
    my favorite in colorado
  • Log #4509 - by Charles Winterscheid on Nov 01, 2004
    Great time on the peak, although it took much longer than anticipated. I worked out the estimated time using my pace instead of the slowest of the group. We left at 5 am and I figured that we'd...
  • Log #4510 - by Tony Ferlisi on Nov 01, 2004
    Worked at Lane Guest Ranch summer of '03 and attempted Longs in early Aug. Summited with 5 others and absolutely could not believe the experience. Had a small plane circling the mountain about 1000...
  • Log #4511 - by Rod Sanders on Nov 01, 2004
    We camped in the boulder field that was breathtaking. The climb to the keyhole was only about 45 min but once you step through it took us another 2.5 hours to get up I plan to come back and do it...
  • Log #4512 - by Erik Etheridge on Nov 01, 2004
    On my ascent of Long's Peak, we took the full tour of this awesome mountain. My climbing partner, Jeff Kruse, was making his 12th ascent of the peak, and provided excellent direction. We ascended the...
  • Log #4513 - by Jonathan Whiteman on Nov 01, 2004
    I am so glad I summited in June. The rest of the trail past the keyhole is intense. High wind and icy conditions through the Trough. Me and my best friend rented crampons and an ice axe to make it to...
  • Log #4514 - by Ron Davidson on Nov 01, 2004
  • Log #4515 - by Gary Anderson on Nov 01, 2004
    Start early and follow the signs. I was lucky enough to summit on my first try.
  • Log #4516 - by Patrick V on Nov 01, 2004
    Great climb and great day on the Keyhole Route!
  • Log #4517 - by Bill Rupp on Nov 01, 2004
    One of my favorite peaks! Varied terrain and views for the entire climb. Long day.
  • Log #4518 - by Mike Colgate on Nov 01, 2004
    6 of the first 7 ascents up the old cable route and down the keyhole. Cable was gone by 1982 so it was the keyhole both ways - I'm not a technical climber. 59 years old now, wish my knees would take...
  • Log #4519 - by Bob Bowles on Nov 01, 2004
    One of the hardiest hikes I've ever done...both times.
  • Log #4520 - by Michael Costen on Nov 01, 2004
    Awesome experience, don't even attempt the mountain if the weather the night before is not clear with no signs of change, you'll be dissapointed. Sunrise at the keyhole was stellar and quite cool,...
  • Log #4521 - by donna waldron on Nov 01, 2004
    goran, rhonda, darla, ellen, and myself, donna flew out of chicago on th 09/18 rented a mv and got ourselves and our gear to the rangers station before 4pm hiked into moores for the night shared our...
  • Log #4522 - by Andrew Sanders on Nov 01, 2004
    ive been the keyhole route and up through the loft i plan to do the north face this summer and hopefully the east face one day good luck to all that climb.
  • Log #4523 - by John and Sherry Braeger on Nov 01, 2004
    John (42), Trisha (11), Jonathan (9)made Chasm Lake in one day trip. Wisconsin Lungs and all. A first mountain climb for Trisha and Jonathan. The Braeger's rock!
  • Log #4524 - by Jason Graham on Nov 01, 2004
    First attempt and had an awesome experience! Weather was perfect with just a little snow at the trough.
  • Log #4525 - by Chris on Nov 01, 2004
    We just got back from our trip out to RMNP to summit Longs Peak. It was quite an awesome trip. I wrote a trip report with pictures..available here: http://home.
  • Log #4526 - by Tom Peters on Nov 01, 2004
    What an epic hike. I was so blown away, I wrote a trip report. Check it out. http://home.
  • Log #4527 - by HDarnell on Nov 01, 2004
    Went solo and enjoyed a truly beautiful day on Longs. Despite warnings of "technical conditions" and snow and ice by the rangers, I found that any snow in the trough was easily bypassed by...
  • Log #4528 - by Zach Ethen on Nov 01, 2004
    A great experience. The altittude gave alittle buzz at the summit. We could't have picked a better day to climb. I will be back!!
  • Log #4529 - by matthew on Nov 01, 2004
    my first time for longs. Keyhole on had snow, then sleet. Very slick, especially going down the homstretch after we spent about 1.5 mins. on the summit.
  • Log #4530 - by Michael Saul on Nov 01, 2004
    A beautiful morning to climb. Try and get above the timberline long before dawn. The view is incredible. I have never seen so many stars before.
  • Log #4531 - by D. Aaron Louderback on Nov 01, 2004
    Awesome hike, bring lots of water and food! Too many people though. It made it seem not very challenging seeing over 100 people on the trail in one day. Hoping to try again in Dec.
  • Log #4532 - by David Crow on Nov 01, 2004
    It took me three tries to make it to the top but it was worth it and I hope to come back again in 2004. I first was inspired to think about Long's by seeing a photo of my great-Aunt Ruthie posed at...
  • Log #4533 - by Steve Pedder on Nov 01, 2004
    I can't imagine a better day to have summited Long's Peak. We went via the Keyhole route and it was a beautiful day with almost no wind beyond the Keyhole. The infamous "Keyhole Route is...
  • Log #4534 - by Gareth Hampton on Nov 01, 2004
    Start climbing this one early in the morning (3:00am)! Longs is a real mountain and shouldn't be taken too lightly. It took my partner and I six hours to summit by the Keyhole route. By the time we...
  • Log #4535 - by Sam on Nov 01, 2004
    Not as hard as I had been told, but certainly a challenge. Sore feet, but a lot of fun!!
  • Log #4536 - by climberkjp on Nov 01, 2004
    What a climb! We left Denver at 2 am, and did the route car to car in 15 hours. Keiners is beautiful. Lambslide was in great shape, and Broadway was exciting as well! Keiners Chimney was a bit wet....
  • Log #4537 - by Tara Reitsma on Nov 01, 2004
    I went to CO with one of my brothers for 4 days, specifically to climb Long's, my second fourteener. We started at 3:45 AM and summitted at 9:40; we left around 11 and were down again by 2:15 PM....
  • Log #4538 - by Peter & Ben Alexander on Nov 01, 2004
    Peter, Linda and Ben (12) Alexander climbed Long's Peak via North face (old cables route) with Colorado Mountain School guide Susan Detweiler. Camped at Boulderfield, left about 5 a.m., reached...
  • Log #4540 - by Kaleb Van Meter on Nov 01, 2004
    I had a fun time. It was my first time ever hiking so I didn't know what to expect. There was still quite a bit of snow but nothing to tricky. When i got to the top I could see for miles on end.
  • Log #4541 - by Tyler on Nov 01, 2004
    Awesome hike. I tried a year before but chickened out at the keyhole. This year i wasn't even scared except when it started raining and the rocks got slippery.
  • Log #4542 - by Brian Mixan on Nov 01, 2004
    Quite the thrill. I have never climbed a mountain over 14,000 ft and this was our second attempt at Longs. We were turned around by snow the last time (September 2001). Leave early and stay focused,...
  • Log #4543 - by Cory Lampert on Nov 01, 2004
    Great hike. Tons of people, but the views from the Boulderfield and Keyhole at sunrise were amazing. Leave plenty of time for this peak, though it is only 16 miles round trip it took us nearly 12...
  • Log #4544 - by Patrick S. McDonald on Nov 01, 2004
    Reached summit at 11:15am Climbed in honor of my renewed love, Kathleen, and for by beloved late brother Liam Daniel who died on January 25, 2003, who was to be my climbing partner to Long's Peak. I...
  • Log #4545 - by Michael Jensen on Nov 01, 2004
    Well, let me just start by saying that I read all of these hike logs and found plenty of other websites with others sharing their Long's experience; detailing the entire trip, and I was still not...
  • Log #4546 - by Shannon Gallagher on Nov 01, 2004
    My first fourteener!!! Left at three, arrived at ten. Made it down just in time for dinner. My advice. Train with a lot of lunges.
  • Log #4547 - by Michael Lobay on Nov 01, 2004
    17 year old member of boy scout troop 50 from mahwah, new jersey. crew of 12, 9 summited. didnt do much training, though i do run. one ranger asked us what we did to prepare for the rockies, our...
  • Log #4548 - by Mark Chaplin on Nov 01, 2004
    I've hiked the Keyhole many times, climbed Kieners once, and climbed the Casual Route once. One of my favorite mountains anywhere. I can see it from my front yard.
  • Log #4549 - by Brian Fetterman on Nov 01, 2004
    My 3rd attempt and first summit of Long's. My brother and I left Fort Collins about 2:30 and reached the trailhead at about 3:45. The weather was very unstable, sunny at times, cold and windy at...
  • Log #4550 - by Laura Bailey on Nov 01, 2004
    The only way I can describe peaking Longs is through the words "Spiritual Experience".
  • Log #4551 - by Gregory Hess on Nov 01, 2004
    Started at 3:10am and finished at 4:00pm. Got wet on the way down. Advise: start early. Carry a water filter.
  • Log #4552 - by mike conklin on Nov 01, 2004
    It was a THRILL of a lifetime. I have run several marathons and feel that I was in good shape,but going up the Trough and then the Homestretch was the hardest-yet most rewarding thing I have ever...
  • Log #4553 - by BRYAN BLALOCK AND JEFF HUNTER on Nov 01, 2004
  • Log #4554 - by Rick Horne on Nov 01, 2004
    Been wanting to climb this mountain since first heard about it in '78. NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! Beautiful climb but I swear it is harder coming down than going up. Hail didn't help matters on descent...
  • Log #4555 - by Clint Bobo on Nov 01, 2004
    It took me 10 hours round trip. Bring a water filter and filter some water from the stream by the battle mountain sign. It was the best water I have ever drank. If you are going to camp, camp at the...
  • Log #4556 - by Darryl Dunlap on Nov 01, 2004
    Awesome, this was great. The boulderfield was pretty hard on the knees, but great. It felt kind of like a freeway though as busy as is was from the boulderfield and keyhole on up. I started late and...
  • Log #4557 - by Tonika Simmons on Nov 01, 2004
    Make sure that you train before you try to climb this mountian. It is a tough climb but remember how rewarding it will be to get to the top. Wear high top hiking boots the low top shoes will get...
  • Log #4558 - by Steve Hufford on Nov 01, 2004
    "Got to the top of Longs Peak at 8:30am but had nothing left for the descent...after having summited Mount Elbert six days earlier, I was ready for the Longs challenge. I drank two gallons of...
  • Log #4559 - by John Fangary on Nov 01, 2004
    One of the most diffucult yet most exciteing and fulfilling things I have accoplished in my young life that i will remember forever.
  • Log #4560 - by Charles W. Miller Ph.D. on Nov 01, 2004
    My 1st 14er, at age 42! Three day backpack on Keyhole Rt. with nights up and down at Boulderfield. Also did a short side hike to Chasm lake.
  • Log #4561 - by David Weidinger on Nov 01, 2004
    Train. Acclimate. Drink. And get to the trailhead early. That's easy enough but how do you prepare mentally for a 14 hour hike, the demoralizing trough and the occassional paralysis as you cross the...
  • Log #4562 - by Steve Robb on Nov 01, 2004
    My first trip up Long's Peak. Took the key hole route. The climb up the trough and the home stretch was more challenging than I anticipated. The view at the top is worth it.
  • Log #4563 - by Chris Coash on Nov 01, 2004
    An excellent climb as always. Little bit of snow in the trough made for a couple tricky spots, but nothing impossible.
  • Log #4564 - by Roy Baker on Nov 01, 2004
    It was tougher than I thought it would be. Bring lot's of water and toilet paper.
  • Log #4565 - by Anthony Marchese on Nov 01, 2004
    This was my first 14er. My buddy Peter Sunderland and I climbed it in August 2, 1998. With less than 24 hours to ajdust to the Colorado altitude, the 100 yard walk from the car to the trailhead left...
  • Log #4566 - by Narendra S Mehta on Nov 01, 2004
    This is my third attempt on longs, the previous two attempts were bogged down by weather and medical issues. This time summited at around 1200 hrs, it was great This is amongst the best climbs that...
  • Log #4567 - by Navneeth Naidu on Nov 01, 2004
    Had taken the key hole route. This year this route is still technical, need crampons and ice axe to go up the trough. We navigated this area in the morning about 8.30 a.m. when the snow was still...
  • Log #4568 - by Joseph M. Paulovkin on Nov 01, 2004
    I had an awesome time climbing to the summit in 1982. Hope to do it again before I am too old! My best to all who have enjoyed the beauty of this magnificient peak. God Bless. Joe
  • Log #4569 - by John Murphy on Nov 01, 2004
    Up the North Face, Snow and Rock, absolutely beautiful climb. Keyhole route back, lots of snow lots of fun.
  • Log #4570 - by W. Ray Roberts on Nov 01, 2004
    On the 6/27/1985 climb, my 4 yr old (08/14/1980)daugther made her first climb of her young life.
  • Log #4571 - by Lindsey on Nov 01, 2004
    Amazing, watchout for falling boulders on the boulder field though! Breathtaking view from the top, and even the keyhole if you don't want to go all the way up. Leave early! Good luck.
  • Log #4572 - by Todd G. Kime on Nov 01, 2004
    Wow!! what an adventure!! 7 hours up 5 hours down! The hardest thing I have EVER done!! Well worth the effort!!
  • Log #4573 - by Tony on Nov 01, 2004
    Started very early, summited in fierce, freezing cold wind. Fun climb
  • Log #4574 - by Daniel Moreno on Nov 01, 2004
    Me and a couple friends of mine started the hike at 3:30 am. I had an 18 volt Dewalt flashlight attached to my back back that I used maybe once while searching through my bag for a granola bar or...
  • Log #4575 - by M.K. "Bud" Snook on Nov 01, 2004
    They were both great experiences. Mt Elbert was just a long hike, but I was scared in a few places on Longs Peak. What a beautiful part of the country God made when He made Colorado! I am proud to...
  • Log #4576 - by Jeremy Glen on Nov 01, 2004
    After climbing it through the keyhole for for the third time last summer, I decided to push the limit a little. A friend from the netherlands and myself tackled Meeker, Longs and Storm peak in the...
  • Log #4578 - by Bob Guillot on Nov 01, 2004
    Followed the bulls-eye to the Summit, which was more of a dusty than dangerous ascent...
  • Log #4579 - by Richard K. Macko on Nov 01, 2004
    At the age of 47, I climbed this peak in 12 1/2 hours after starting at midnight. This was my second attempt on this mountain. (I tried it a year earlier on September 14, 1996 and got past the...
  • Log #4580 - by C Beach on Nov 01, 2004
    Was 49 yrs. old and had been thinking about it for a few years. (My husband and kids had made the summit a couple of years earlier). One of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life.
  • Log #4581 - by John E. Folsom on Nov 01, 2004
    Yes the date is correct. I was stationed at Lowry AFB in Denver. My wife-to-be and my good friend Duane drove as far as possible and spent one or two days acclimating. Then up we went on a long day...
  • Log #4582 - by Brian Chaplin on Nov 01, 2004
    After spending a summer backpacking Europe I decided to test my fitness on Longs Peak. Started at about 11:00 am and made it up and back to the parking lot just before dark. I than took my motorcycle...
  • Log #4583 - by Kenneth Howell on Nov 01, 2004
    I grew up with a view of Longs Peak in my neighborhood and never imagined I would climb it someday with a local freind (Tom Hood). It was a trip I will never forget. Bring lots of layers.
  • Log #4584 - by David Nelson on Nov 01, 2004
    Solo summit hike via the keyhole on a warm, cloudless day in September '99. I actually got a very late start (5:30 a.m.) but the weather stayed amazingly clear all day. Reached the summit just before...
  • Log #4585 - by Robbie Burnham on Nov 01, 2004
    WOW!!! Came up the Keyhole Route. Being flatlanders, we decided to make two days of it. Started from the trailhead at 3:00 am and had an amazing view of the Diamond at sunrise. Spent the night at...
  • Log #4586 - by Dave Hejde on Nov 01, 2004
    Good web site. Interesting log, too! 135 years ago this August, John Wesley Powell and some other Denver luminaries climbed Long's Peak. I understand that they were the first Caucasians to do so....
  • Log #4587 - by Laird Broughton on Nov 01, 2004
    Lightning all over the summit! Beautiful but scary. Get down before 10:30 am and you'll have more fun. Definitely worth the trip, though. One of my favorite climbs in Colorado
  • Log #4588 - by Alan Law on Nov 01, 2004
    What an great hike! My brother Mark and I started at 5 am. It took us 14 hours. The whole day was perfect. I'm going to do it again in 2003, but this time stay over night in the boulderfield.
  • Log #4589 - by Tom and Kyle Wieghaus on Nov 01, 2004
    Start around 1:45 and drink plenty of water. Don't forget to soak in your surroundings, they are beautiful.
  • Log #4590 - by Larry E. Masters on Nov 01, 2004
    We got on the trail at 2:00AM, summited at 9:27AM, and returned to the trailhead at 3:50PM. Great Experience!
  • Log #4591 - by Scott Mitchell on Nov 01, 2004
    It was one of the greatest experiences in my life. Standing on the summit looking hundreds of miles off into the distance. I will do it again and hopefully my girlfriend will get to enjoy it more....
  • Log #4592 - by Michal Stasiowski on Nov 01, 2004
    Climbed Kiener's Route. Forced bivy on summit. Descended via North Wall. Cold and Windy.
  • Log #4593 - by Marco on Nov 01, 2004
    What an awsome energy draining hike. We started at 2am with the full moon illuminating the trail. Great scenery until after the keyhole. That is when things got fun/scary.
  • Log #4594 - by Ben Rudman on Nov 01, 2004
    I went up with my cousins, who are fat Minnesotans and we did neighboring Mt Meeker from Chasm Lake then went over and did Longs. We started at about 12 midnight and got down to the trail head at...
  • Log #4595 - by Wes Atwood on Nov 01, 2004
    An interesting, breathtaking ascent.
  • Log #4596 - by Bob on Nov 01, 2004
    This was without a doubt the toughest thing any of us have ever done, mentally and physically. We managed to put eight people on the summit, some by youth and energy, some by pure will power. If...
  • Log #4597 - by Chad Fiest on Nov 01, 2004
    The trip up was great. We reached the boulder field shortly after daybreak. The view from the other side of the key hole will just take your breath won't it. Half of our party only made it as far as...
  • Log #4598 - by Sarah Huber on Nov 01, 2004
    Every year I was in Estes Peak as a kid, I always looked up to Longs Peak and thought that I would never be so stupid as to attempt to hike it. Well, a few weeks after my 18th birthday I got stupid,...
  • Log #4599 - by Wayne Sales on Nov 01, 2004
    I got to thinking that this may be the only way I could ever contact the people that I went to the summit with. So I will tell you what I know about the trip and if this is familiar to you, please...
  • Log #4600 - by Wayne Sales on Nov 01, 2004
    Summited via Keyhole. I try to surround myself with photos of this peak because of the gret memories. Simply put, it was spectacular, beautiful, difficult, rewarding and unforgettable.
  • Log #4601 - by John Rogers on Nov 01, 2004
    This was my 12 trip to the summit of Longs Peak using 3 different routes. Keyhole route-8 trips, North Face-3 trips, Loft-1 trip. Four more attempts were turned back by poor weather conditions and...
  • Log #4602 - by David L. Moore on Nov 01, 2004
    Climbed Long's via the North Face Cable Route. Weather was windy and very cold, making for a brief stay on the summit itself. The route itself was beautiful, but technically unremarkable, except that...
  • Log #4603 - by Tim Huls on Nov 01, 2004
    Amazing! A true feeling of accomplishment! I only wish mother nature would have cooperated. The hike to boulder field was wonderful. Not a cloud in the ski, awesome sunrise. As soon as we got to the...
  • Log #4604 - by Drew Best on Nov 01, 2004
    Myself and two friends, all from CT and attending school in VT, stayed in Boulder for 5 weeks, during which we decided to run/hike/climb Long's...it turned out to be the hardest thing I've ever done!...
  • Log #4605 - by Dan Ronan on Nov 01, 2004
    I can't imagine a better hike! Exhilarating! Words of wisdom for those who haven't done Long's: You have hiked about 6 miles to get to the base of the Boulder Field (a good place to stop for a...
  • Log #4606 - by Steve Kerr ,Steve Taylor,Bobb McCormack on Nov 01, 2004
    For 3 (over 40) SC.lowlanders, Grandlake to Estes Park, with a Fourth of July side hike up Longs Peak, turned out to be, the most physical and mental challenge any of us had faced in quite a while.I...
  • Log #4607 - by Mitch Painovich on Nov 01, 2004
    Well, I had spent all of last winter and most of the summer talking about it and finally before the summer was offically over I got the push that I needed. I was in Aspen Labor Day weekend for the...
  • Log #4608 - by Libby Munson on Nov 01, 2004
    I climbed Longs Peak with Cheley Colorado Camps this past summer. It was fantastic and if you have a chance everyone should climb it!
  • Log #4609 - by Matthew Wotring on Nov 01, 2004
    Wow. 17 hour round trip worth every minute of it. I now know how much of a difference altitude makes. Hope to return for more fourteeners next summer...
  • Log #4610 - by John Woolmington on Nov 01, 2004
    This was my 42nd 14er and I climbed it on my 51st birthday. I climb in the Collegiates all summer, but can seldom get away to climb other peaks, so I am not sure if I will climb all of the 14ers...
  • Log #4611 - by Don Estes on Nov 01, 2004
    Had a great summit, weather was perfect. Lost my water filter at the key hole but the trip was worth the loss. Damn cheap day packs!
  • Log #4612 - by dave on Nov 01, 2004
    What an amazing hike. If you are physically able and want to see an amazing sight, get your ass to the top!! Dont forget to start early!
  • Log #4613 - by David Selby on Nov 01, 2004
    First 14er. Was surprised at the number of people climbing. Started 3 am and reached summit by 10:15 am. Beautiful day, although it rained on the return.
  • Log #4614 - by James Thiel on Nov 01, 2004
    I grew up hiking and climbing in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. So when I moved to Colorado 2.5 years ago from Louisiana it was only natural that I would return to climbing. Longs Peak is the...
  • Log #4615 - by Chris Muth on Nov 01, 2004
    Our Longs Peak experience was almost a year to the day in the making. Labor Day weekend 2001, my girlfriend Stacy and her parents were hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park when the topic of hiking...
  • Log #4616 - by Meg Perryman on Nov 01, 2004
    Oh my goodness!! Making it to the top of Longs Peak was absolutely the most wonderful experience of my life. There was a group of 53 of us who stayed in Estes Park for a retreat that week, and each...
  • Log #4633 - by Chris Ormsby on Oct 20, 2004
    I left from the Ranger Station trail head at 4:30am and made it to tree line around sunrise. As I approached the tree line the wind was picking up tremendously. I sat down and contemplated turning...
  • Log #4635 - by Susan Records on Oct 19, 2004
    It's now 2004 and I'm 61 years old. To date this climb remains the biggest, most memorable adventure of this flatlander's life.
  • Log #4636 - by lars finanger on Oct 06, 2004
    I first attempted LONGS two days ago but left the PEAK unsuccessfully after taking two wrong turns on the backside of the Keyhole. I was bothered by this misfortune so returned this morning in...
  • Log #5137 - by Larry Chapman on Oct 03, 2004
    Not a better climber's mountain in Colorado.
  • Log #5130 - by Bart van der Hucht on Sep 29, 2004
    got sick doing it, but I've been on top
  • Log #5127 - by Bill Howell on Sep 26, 2004
    it was a bigger mountain than I thought. I had read many internet trip reports and I was not prepared for the length of the trough and the home stretch. It was a grueling climb for me. My wife and...
  • Log #4637 - by Gary Nagel on Sep 25, 2004
    Trained for this by repeated climbs up Stone Mountain here in Georgia with a 30 pound pack of free weights. It must have worked, because I experienced no altitude sickness despite doing the climb...
  • Log #5124 - by George Bell on Sep 24, 2004
    Longs is a great peak, I devote a whole web page to it!
  • Log #5123 - by Matt Powell on Sep 23, 2004
    A long climb for unacclimatized sea-level dwellers.
  • Log #5122 - by Steve Woods on Sep 22, 2004
    We were originally going to do the Kiener's Route up the left side of the diamond -- even bivied at Mills Glacier. Because we only had one ice axe and no crampons, we decided to back off and instead...
  • Log #4638 - by Ted Jenal on Sep 21, 2004
    Absolutely perfect day. Weather on the peak different than in Boulder, so don't punt a climb based on lower elevaion weather. Mixed snow, ice and rock, did North Face. Left lot at 5 AM, on summit...
  • Log #4639 - by Michael Hildner on Sep 21, 2004
    Started at 2:30AM. Took the North Face up. If you are novice I would suggest roping up just to calm your nerves. Anyway, there are bolts and when I summited I was told that the ice just cleared...
  • Log #5121 - by marc carroll smith on Sep 21, 2004
    have lived in the shadow of longs since i was a wee lad; climbed it over twenty times from different routes--spent the first few times dry heaving my guts up from altitude sickness
  • Log #4640 - by Jay Brazzell on Sep 20, 2004
    It was a tough climb for this flat lander. Beautiful views but strong winds. A 26 year old climber lost his life up there less than a week after we made the summit. Be carefull.
  • Log #5120 - by Larry Touve on Sep 20, 2004
    The view from above the boulderfield on the night of the 4th was fantastic. We watched the fireworks displays of about 7 cities all at once.
  • Log #5119 - by Jay Leppanen on Sep 19, 2004
    Hydrate,hydrate,hydrate, and to do Long's Peak come prepared for any type of weather..
  • Log #5118 - by Jim Disney on Sep 18, 2004
    Longs is the world's greatest mountain!!! I've had the joy of making 90 ascents. I climbed it from all four sides and during all twelve months of the year.
  • Log #5117 - by Steve Foster on Sep 17, 2004
    This was the most challenging thing I've done in my whole life!!! And it only took three tries
  • Log #5115 - by Steve Foster on Sep 15, 2004
    The view of the cities before it gets light as you go above the treeline is amazing!!!
  • Log #5114 - by doug kinney on Sep 14, 2004
    Wear gloves that can grip rocks!
  • Log #5113 - by Jill England on Sep 13, 2004
    I have long been fascinated with Long's Peak. There is no other mountain like it. I spent my first summer in Estes in 1977, but didn't make my first ascent until '94. It is the most physically...
  • Log #5112 - by james carolan on Sep 12, 2004
    It's fun if you're young and energetic
  • Log #5111 - by Daryl Tutje on Sep 11, 2004
    My first fourteener. Great view and a beautiful meteor show. Got sick as a dog on the way down. I can't wait to go back !
  • Log #5109 - by Matthew & Mark Hall on Sep 10, 2004
    We started from the campsite around 4AM with a flashlight, making it to the top around 11. The view was awesome--pressed against the sky! A few flurries of snow and thunder on the way down added...
  • Log #5108 - by Caleb Zahnd on Sep 09, 2004
    Read About it. Studied it. Looked at maps of it. Gazed at it.
  • Log #5107 - by Robert L. Norris on Sep 08, 2004
    Longs is a stunning mountain, like a huge granite castle on a hill, with four mammoth battlements rearing up at its corners. It is surrounded on all sides by spectacular valleys, and all who studied...
  • Log #5106 - by BRIAN PESEK on Sep 07, 2004
    Lambs slide soft deep snow, still ice and snow on broadway which made protecting it hairy at places, made emergency bivy, slept tied in due to illness and loss of light and not to mention slightly...
  • Log #5105 - by Jason Ellenburg on Sep 06, 2004
    Longs was only my third 14,000 ft climb, so I speak from very limited experience. It is my opinion, however, that Longs is the ultimate one day hike in 48 state. It is physically demanding, yet...
  • Log #5104 - by sk alexander on Sep 05, 2004
    it can be a challenge, but all the hiking and climbing is well worth it once you experience the vista from the top. i would climb longs again and again if i got the chance.
  • Log #5103 - by Greg Fodrea on Sep 04, 2004
    My sister Lynn and I left the campground around 3:30am and plodded up the darkened trail. My fear of heights almost stopped me at the Keyhole, but boy am I glad we pushed on. I'll never forget seeing...
  • Log #5102 - by Jeff Eisele on Sep 03, 2004
    Early season hike left me alone on the top for a half-hour! Almost unheard of. Wasn't planning to go to the top but weather was perfect and I was feeling good and making good time. It's a bruiser for...
  • Log #5101 - by Robert Herdman on Sep 02, 2004
    Made the summit in July 1978 via Keyhole route.Have tried 5 times since without success mainly due to weather conditions. Climbed with 8 friends in 1998 only to turn back at the top of the trough....
  • Log #5100 - by Neil Bromenshenkel on Sep 01, 2004
    My fiance and I were up at 3:00am and on the trail by 4:00am. The sunrise at timberline was one of the most spectacular we've seen, rising above Boulder and the plains below. Hiking through the...
  • Log #5099 - by David Davenport on Aug 31, 2004
    It was the hardest, most physical thing I have done in my entire life, but very rewarding!
  • Log #5098 - by sk alexander on Aug 30, 2004
    climbed the sucker twice....summited once. the second attempt was to risky from the key hole to the summit with gale force winds. i love this mountain.
  • Log #5097 - by Gordon Eaton IV on Aug 29, 2004
    Great hike via Keyhole Route
  • Log #5095 - by BJ Conway on Aug 28, 2004
    This was one of the most awesome experiences i have ever had. This is my first 14er I have climed climbed. I have never been so scared and exited in all of my life. Longs Peak taught me alot about...
  • Log #5094 - by Josh Swartz on Aug 27, 2004
    The summit is a great place to watch Fourth of July fireworks. We got to the top at about 8pm and could see fireworks in Estes Park, Denver, and Cheyenne (we think).
  • Log #5093 - by Todd Williams on Aug 26, 2004
    What a great hike. I had never done a climb like this before. Previous experience was mostly AT walking in the Smokies. The step through the Keyhole after scrambling up the Boulderfield was an...
  • Log #5092 - by Mike Dahlquist on Aug 25, 2004
    Best climb i've done if you ignore crowds.
  • Log #5090 - by Chris Francoeur on Aug 24, 2004
    One of the many Cheley campers who have safely climbed Long's and surrounding peaks: (1975) up/down the keyhole; (1976) up/down the Apron, including Meeker; (1977) up/down the Apron, including...
  • Log #5089 - by Jeff Wolf on Aug 23, 2004
    I'm addicted! Made it to the summit twice, and going for #3 with a new group of climbers (fools?) on 8/15/99. The trough is the toughest part - if you get past that, you've got it made!
  • Log #5088 - by David Witte on Aug 22, 2004
    This was the best climb I had done in my life. At the time I was 15 years old and made it to the top. Now I am 16 and have hiked 13 fourteeners in Colorado. Me, my dad, and my brother all took the...
  • Log #5087 - by Deanna Siria on Aug 21, 2004
    The second half is tough. Starting at night is the best. Lots of scrambling.
  • Log #5086 - by Jerry & Wes Isbell on Aug 20, 2004
    The Narrows and ledges may be frightning but the trough is a kick in the butt.
  • Log #5085 - by Bart van der Hucht on Aug 19, 2004
    Living in the Netherlands doesn't get you any evelation, in fact I spend most of my time below sealevel. Had a good night sleep at Gobblins'Forrest and woke up at 2:00 am, had some soup and crackers...
  • Log #5084 - by Alan McWilliams on Aug 18, 2004
    This was my second time on Long's Peak, the first time was in the winter with my son Keith. The first trip we made it just a little ways out of the treeline, I suffered from stomach cramps and we...
  • Log #5083 - by Garrett Reinhardt on Aug 17, 2004
    YAH BABY! This peak rocks! This was my first climb ever, and I made it all 14,255 feet to the summit. It was a very orgasmic intense experience where I felt the shadow of death bite my ass. I made it...
  • Log #5082 - by Howard Hill on Aug 16, 2004
    Summited via Keyhole route around 8:15 AM. Clear day and no rain - even on the descent. Trail in tip-top condition. Go early in the day and early in the season to avoid the masses.
  • Log #5081 - by Thomas Bailey on Aug 15, 2004
    July 21 was a great day for a climb. Started at 2:30 AM. Met David, from Wales, who set a great pace, and I was able to reach summit at 7:45. Took much longer to get back down.
  • Log #5080 - by Arthur Burt on Aug 14, 2004
    Wasn't your every day walk in the park....
  • Log #5079 - by Robert Norris on Aug 13, 2004
    My fourth ascent! This time with the honor of Daniel Penk as my company (his first time). It was overcaste all day, so we got ambushed by rain and lightening on the way down (on the narrows). A long...
  • Log #5078 - by Philip Hill on Aug 12, 2004
    Made it on my third attempt due to weather. Me and my partner Roy hit the trail head at 1:00am. Stopped at the hut next to the keyhole around 6:30, then continued to the summit. My knees were killing...
  • Log #5077 - by Mark Witte on Aug 11, 2004
    I'm 18 and I've done 12 Fourteeners so far and I'm slowly working my way to one day do all 54. Thus far this one was the most challenging I've done and my favorite. We started at about 1am with our...
  • Log #5076 - by Todd K. Reish on Aug 10, 2004
    I am forty years old in average shape and it was a tough climb. Several times I thought about turning around especially as the clouds moved in but I carried on to the summit and was rewarded with...
  • Log #5075 - by Bill Roth on Aug 09, 2004
    Watch out for the ice on the Home Stretch - great mountain to climb!
  • Log #5074 - by Lance W. House on Aug 08, 2004
    "Began the hike at 3:10am at the Longs Peak ranger station and reached the summit via the Keyhole by 9:35am. The summit was totally socked in so I decided to descend after only twenty minutes on...
  • Log #5073 - by Brett Melickian on Aug 07, 2004
    fastes acent solo from car to car up the loft to regular route, decent down north face to the camel in 5 1/2 hours.
  • Log #5072 - by Curtis Cozier on Aug 06, 2004
    PLEASE, do not take this climb lightly! Three people DIED in the last two weeks. Still a great climb, but I see way too many people up there that have NO business being there. Get some experience...
  • Log #5071 - by Jeff Springer on Aug 05, 2004
    summitted via keyhole. great weather. little icy near top. easy but tired from previous summits earlier in week.
  • Log #5070 - by Ken Benzel on Aug 04, 2004
    It had been over 20 years since I last summited Longs Peak - I am certain it has grown.
  • Log #5069 - by Greg Dull on Aug 03, 2004
    Great fun.I'm now inspired to climb more and higher.
  • Log #5068 - by David Sheffield on Aug 02, 2004
    After failing to summit 10 years ago because of snow filling the Trough, it was doubly rewarding to finally make the summit. Weather was perfect, no real injuries and a great feeling of accomplishment
  • Log #5067 - by Greg Thom on Aug 01, 2004
    A challenging one-day hike, but the experience (I climbed Long's with my 13 year-old son) and view from the top made it well worth the effort. Conditions were perfect on the morning of our hike; I...
  • Log #5066 - by Joshua Howell on July 31, 2004
    It's a cool mountain well worth the long hike. It's a long ways down.
  • Log #5065 - by JIM YOUNG on July 30, 2004
    After many summits of this peak over the years, the Peak almost got me this year. Left the trailhead at 3:30 A.M.with my sister and four other experienced climbing ladies from CA. Three of us...
  • Log #5064 - by Scott Ledbetter on July 29, 2004
    I climbed to the summit via the Loft Route with three others on 9/1. One very experienced climber, one who doesn't climb much but who had done this route before, one guy who had never done a 14'er,...
  • Log #5063 - by Bill Sipfle on July 28, 2004
    Summited with my brother Ed. Tried 4 years ago but turned back at keyhole due to 80 mph winds. Made it this time, we were nervous about the narrows but it was a piece of cake. Hated the trough...
  • Log #5062 - by Thomas Bailey on July 27, 2004
    Started from the ranger station with my wife, Emma, at 1 a.m. This turned out to be way too early. We made great time despite strong winds the whole way up Mills Moraine. We got to the boulderfield...
  • Log #5061 - by Kate Harding on July 26, 2004
    We got an early start around 3:00AM. It was a cold day, and the trail was deemed as technical. The day before a man had died on his decent from the mountain, and we found out later that rescue crews...
  • Log #5060 - by Joe Hudson on July 25, 2004
    Left at 4 a.m., summitted at 10 a.m. Georgeous day except for the occasional 80-mph wind gust. Snow in the Trough, but didn't use crampons.
  • Log #5059 - by Kirk Mallory on July 24, 2004
    Longs Peak is said to be one of the most popular mountains in the US. For many people who climb Colorado's fourteeners, Longs Peak is their first. This may seem unusual, since most fourteeners are...
  • Log #5058 - by Marlene Hoard on July 23, 2004
    We had a lucky break in the weather, except with the gusts of wind. It sounded like a huge water-fall flowing through the Key-hole. We had on most of our gear to keep warm, a tight hat with a strap...
  • Log #5057 - by Marlene Hoard on July 22, 2004
    I was not finished key-boarding before my post was rudely submitted. And assulted is spelled with an "a". The mountain will test one's mettle and uncover the strengths and frailties of...
  • Log #5056 - by Ken Whittenburg on July 21, 2004
    Fourteener # 22 for me- but it was an awesome trip because my friend/climbing partner Kirk Mallory finished the Colorado fourteeners on Longs. The weather was warm and the winds were calm- a catch 22...
  • Log #5055 - by Miranda H. on July 20, 2004
    WHen I hiked Longs Peak I was really kinda lucky! We started at 10:00 in the morning and got back down at 4:30 the same afternoon.THe first two miles of hiking were really difficult! I didn't know if...
  • Log #5054 - by Zach Miller on July 19, 2004
    Doesn't anyone climb this besides using the Keyhole route? Anyway, I thought I'd include an interesting story. It may be a tad longer than the rest, but a lot more exciting. We started on a...
  • Log #5053 - by Tony Cobb on July 18, 2004
    only five people summitted this day two from Ohio, Ken Towne and I, and a solo from colorado. Just a little ice and snow in the trough to make it a little more challenging. I feel sorry for the...
  • Log #5052 - by Brice on July 17, 2004
    We did the Cables Route. It was a great day, interesting climbing. Some sections were quite icy. We climbed most of it in crampons.
  • Log #5051 - by Libby Nickel on July 16, 2004
    Wow! Sunrise in the boulder field was INCREDIBLE! We sat, ate breakfast, and sang "Morning has broken...". We climbed by starlight till we reached the boulder field. It really...
  • Log #5050 - by Barbara Amfahr on July 15, 2004
    Always a challenge and a thrill ! We'll be back.
  • Log #5049 - by Barbara Amfahr on July 14, 2004
    The trough wasn't my favorite, but it was a lot of fun overall. Don't forget the aspirin.
  • Log #5048 - by Steven Lucarelli on July 13, 2004
    Excellent climb via the North Face, and not to many people on the mountain in the winter.
  • Log #5047 - by Roy E. Robertson on July 12, 2004
    Climbing the cable route up and the keyhole down was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. From chasm view just after dawn, there were several climbers that had spent the night on the...
  • Log #5046 - by Evan Groutage on July 11, 2004
    over the mountains there are mountains. back in 1965 the summit was covered with rusting tin cans.
  • Log #5045 - by Bretton Adams on July 10, 2004
    Climbed Mt. Meeker first up the Loft Route. Make sure you follow the guide book's suggestion for finding the right coulior for the Loft Route up Long's. I ended up in an ice chute to the right of the...
  • Log #5044 - by Ray Calef on July 09, 2004
    I too am fascinated with the Peak. Have at least 20 photos hanging in my den of our two summit experiences. Will attempt in August of 2000, possibly doing the Loft route. Went conventional Keyhole...
  • Log #5043 - by Paul M on July 08, 2004
    Attempted winter climb Dec. 16 thru Dec. 20 1999. Weather was brutal. Lots of snow, high winds, and very cold.
  • Log #5042 - by Shawn Lewis on July 07, 2004
    What an incredible experience. It is amazing to know that the God who created this enormous mountain is interested in such insignificant beings as you and I. We truly are blessed.
  • Log #5041 - by David Witte on July 06, 2004
    I have hiked 16 of the Colorado 14ers and this has been my best climb yet. What a great mountain to hike. I hope to hike it again in the future after my brother, my dad and I hike Whitney this summer.
  • Log #5040 - by Philip Hill on July 05, 2004
    After being turned back by weather for three years prior, we finally made it! What a perfectly spectacular climb. Absolutely unforgettable!
  • Log #5039 - by Michael Schnetzer on July 04, 2004
    Long's Peak was the first 14er that I have attempted, and she kicked my flat-lander butt. Myself and a buddy climbed the first day to Boulder Field where we made camp. The stars were absolutely...
  • Log #5038 - by Susan on July 03, 2004
    I have not climbed this peak yet. I went to Chasm Lake and stopped there. I looked up and saw the majestic peak, and I promised myself that I would climg it one day. You see, I don't really live...
  • Log #5037 - by LARRY YODER on July 02, 2004
    My son and I Summited longs peak in early august, 1980. To say the least it is a challenge and endurance test.
  • Log #5036 - by Mark L. Rose on July 01, 2004
    It has been a year and a half since my Long's Peak summit experience and some of the details of the trip have faded. The general impressions that I took from the mountain however, were incredible...
  • Log #5035 - by Jim Heckel on June 30, 2004
    I have attempted Longs Peak 6 times and summitted 3. Be prepared to turn back if the weather warrants. By far the most fun time was with my son in 1996. Longs isn't for the weak in heart or spirit.
  • Log #5034 - by Ian A. Johnson on June 29, 2004
    Beautiful mountain. Kiener's is next.
  • Log #5033 - by Travis Stevens on June 28, 2004
    I had fun. I had been trying to climb a fourteener every week end using the not so detailed colorado atlas. I wasn't prepared. First I arived hoping to clim to the top and camp on the peak the same...
  • Log #5032 - by Sean Reed on June 27, 2004
    The best. I've climbed 13 Colorado 14ers now, Longs was my third, and Longs Peak is still my favorite. There is such a HUGE variety of hiking and climbing along the keyhole route. It's pretty long...
  • Log #5031 - by Alan on June 26, 2004
    I climbed that ol' dog 11 times. 2 times she wouldn't let me get to the top. Many great experiences. The 1st time was when I was 12 on the old cable route.
  • Log #5030 - by John Hepburn on June 25, 2004
    Made it up 11 out of 13 tries. Best trip was climbing Orton via Longs and Meaker from Thunder Lake, where we were camping. That was a trip I'll never forget. I've done the East Face once, via...
  • Log #5029 - by Jacob Turnquist on June 24, 2004
    The best climb ever. Going in August means that there will be dozens of people trying to summit on any given day. Best advice (if you go this time of year)is to start REALLY early (be moving at least...
  • Log #5028 - by Jim Matt on June 23, 2004
    It was a picture-perfect day for our climb with my friend, Ed Smith. We trained for months in the flatlands of Indiana. I wasn't really that tired...I think adrenaline really kicked in at the trough.
  • Log #5027 - by Michael Adamson on June 22, 2004
    Keyhole route to summit. I think we made the whole thing in about 4 1/2 hours, slept on top, and then ran down the trail after the boulderfield. We were in Estes eating Mexican food by 2 in the...
  • Log #5025 - by Robin Linch & Catherine Daniel on June 21, 2004
    Wow, what a climb, what a state and what a country. I loved my holiday in America and I can't wait to go back and climb some more fantastic mountains
  • Log #5024 - by Webmaster note: Mr. Zenter fol zentner on June 20, 2004
    Climbed Kiener's route from our campsite at Mill's Glacier. Started route Sunday(5/7/00) morning via Lamb Slide and Broadway. Snow, wind and darkness on the rock below the summit that afternoon. We...
  • Log #5023 - by Lee Fenyves on June 19, 2004
    First time climbing Longs. Matt Heslin, Kalan Murano, Kevin McDermott and myself summited around 1:30pm after starting our hike at 7am. The mountains got their first snow of the season the night...
  • Log #5022 - by Chris Hall on June 18, 2004
    Man what a hike! I summited with a group of friends! First 14er ever. Going back to Estes Park this summer to try again. Praise the Lord for getting me through it! Cool online log!
  • Log #5021 - by Milos Kral on June 17, 2004
    only 10 hours to summit and back to park place. Wodnerfull weather and summit was without snow.
  • Log #5020 - by Jeffery Bass on June 16, 2004
    Very enjoyable solo climb up Keyhole route. Was moving by 2 am, summitted around 10 am. Back at trailhead by 2pm. Kind of slow, I guess.
  • Log #5019 - by Ron Lester on June 15, 2004
    First 14. Trip captain for the CMC, Shinning Mtn Group. Route: keyhole.Definitely a great mountain and hike, highly recommended. Great weather and scenry back to Twin Peaks.
  • Log #5018 - by Brian Coons on June 14, 2004
    First time, via the Keyhole, sweet. It's mostly mental, and weather. IF the weather is good (a big if), then just go slow and you'll make it if you don't fall off. As long as the altitude...
  • Log #5017 - by Sylvia Chung on June 13, 2004
    I had no idea what I was getting into. As far as I knew, this was a "strenuous hiking trail". I had no idea I had to climb. After entering the Keyhole, I was determined not to turn back,...
  • Log #5016 - by Geoff on June 12, 2004
    I climnbed this with my boyscout troops stongest climber besides myself. We were on the ledges when we saw a climber twenty feet from us fall to his death infront of his wife. Take mountains...
  • Log #5015 - by Kyle Gilliland on June 11, 2004
    Take this trail very seriously... keep in mind that many people have died on this route plus for every 10 people that leave the trialhead only 3 will summit... It took me 5 times to actually...
  • Log #5014 - by Stan Sattelberg on June 10, 2004
    Climbed the peak in the morning after an all night drive from Naperville, Ill. where I lived at the time. Used the old cable shortcut near the top. Clear warm day.
  • Log #5013 - by Bob & Mark Thompson on June 09, 2004
    Climbed to Chasm View but ran into deep snow in tennis shoes. Climbed again in boots and made it to the top. Mark was not yet 6 years old.
  • Log #5012 - by Bill Clulo on June 08, 2004
    I summited this peak a couple of years ago. This is what I remember. Lots of people! I got a ridiculously late start, but the trail was a highway, and I passed about 60 (no joke) people on the way...
  • Log #5011 - by Eric Carver on June 07, 2004
    one of the most enduring activities i have ever done. i over came a fear of heights and have better self esteem and pride. all fatigue disappears when reaching the summit.
  • Log #5010 - by Wayne R Smith on June 06, 2004
    Start early around 3:30 to 4:00 am. I suggest a slow pace to start until you clear the trees and your body has a chance to warm up. Bring plenty of water and beware thunderstorms w/lighting usally...
  • Log #5009 - by Buddy Wilson on June 05, 2004
    Start slow and take lots of water. If you are going by yourself chances are you will run across some other folks to hike and climb with.
  • Log #5008 - by Miles Heritage on June 04, 2004
    My 9th attempt and my 5th Summit. A yearly tradition. Start really early for a good weather summit. Great sunrise in the Boulder Field
  • Log #5007 - by jill young on June 03, 2004
    My first 14,000 ft peak. So much fun!!
  • Log #5006 - by Anthony Schreck on June 02, 2004
    What a blast. Left at 4:00am, topped out at 11:30 to find a lightning storm on it's way in. Had time to take a couple pictures, sign the register and get down. Go steady keeping a good pace with few...
  • Log #5005 - by Bill Sullivan on June 01, 2004
    Maybe I'm getting old (I'm 46) but I found this "non technical" climb via the Keyhole route much harder than I thought it would be. I did summit but my two partners had to quit at the...
  • Log #5004 - by Bob Zimmermann on May 31, 2004
    Two out of shape guys in their 40's flew out on Friday, climbed on Saturday, flew back on Sunday. We were way over our head, and took 15.5 hours. 4 am to 7:30 pm. Will be sore for weeks.
  • Log #5003 - by jason on May 30, 2004
    Saturday July 29, 2000 was the third trip for my 50 year old dad and I. Before we began @ 4:00am, we told ourselves we had to have an answer for a very important question by the end of the day. That...
  • Log #5002 - by C. Luke LeFevre on May 29, 2004
    Well, any one that has climbed Long's Peak knows that it is hard to explain what the climb was like to people who have never climbed it or even seen it. My friend Andrew and i left home, driving...
  • Log #5001 - by Jeff Wolf on May 28, 2004
    We had a perfect day - warm, and no wind at the Keyhole. Made the summit for the 3rd (and last??) time. Realized for the first time that the Ledges are more dangerous than the Narrows. Totally...
  • Log #5000 - by Brad Holzworth on May 27, 2004
    If you live In Nebraska and your out of shape, don't try this w/o training first!
  • Log #4999 - by Chad Beyer, Tara Beyer, Bobby Koehler on May 26, 2004
    We had a great time. Started at 3:00 am summited at 8:30 am. I felt like the Trough was the hardest part it seems to go on forever. Be sure to carry plenty of water or a filter.
  • Log #4998 - by Patrick Kowalski on May 25, 2004
    Left trail head at 01:30. Made the summit around 10:30. Not bad for a flat lander. Longest and hardest hike to date.
  • Log #4997 - by David Yon on May 24, 2004
    Got a wonderful, clear day. Super feeling.
  • Log #4996 - by Craig Gabel on May 23, 2004
    Hike was pretty tuff for a flatlander, the experience was awsome. From the city lights glowing below to the magnificent sunrise over twin sisters. We started from the trail head at 2:30 am. My...
  • Log #4995 - by Tom Williamson on May 22, 2004
    Awsome hike, hope you like climbing and steep hikes.
  • Log #4994 - by J. Joe Bustad on May 21, 2004
    Wow what an awesome view! We backpacked up to the Boulderfield, stayed overnight and headed through the Keyhole at dawn. Not a drop of rain or bad weather the whole time, not even windy in the...
  • Log #4993 - by keevan on May 20, 2004
    Night hiked to reach the summit by sunrise. Trail was hard to decipher past the keyhole in the dark. Sunrise was spectacular. Would not recommend unless you relish sleep deprivation.
  • Log #4992 - by julie malake on May 19, 2004
    persistance, conditioning and a weeks worth of acclimatization hikes paid off. we overnighted in the boulderfield. this allowed a leisurely daytime hike to our camp, plenty of time to rock-hop to the...
  • Log #4991 - by Eric Wood on May 18, 2004
    This was the last hike of my summer and it was well worth it. Via the keyhole route was beautiful and calm that day. Weather was not a factor at all that day clear skies and not wind made for a...
  • Log #4990 - by Adrian Stevens on May 17, 2004
    Awsome clime, of cource did the key hole but just the sight od f the diamond was impressive
  • Log #4989 - by Becky Lewis on May 16, 2004
    Fantastic and exhilarating climb!! Quite a sense of accomplishment when the top is reached!! I left the trailhead around 4 AM -- there were quite a few people already on the trail. The stars and city...
  • Log #4988 - by Ginny Silcox on May 15, 2004
    Watch out at if you are approaching the bull's eye part of the route during wet weather! So many people have touch the iron pegs that the rocks all around them are slippery with hand oils. I have...
  • Log #4987 - by Margie, Erik, and Carmany Thorp on May 14, 2004
    This was my (Margie) 7th fourteener, and by far the most difficult. Of course, as I'm only 12, it might be less difficult for older climbers. We hiked up to the boulder feild on Saturday the second...
  • Log #4986 - by T. Ward Phillips on May 13, 2004
    First climbed this wonderful piece of granite in 1965. I was nine years old and we ascended via the old cable route on the North Face. It was and still remains one of the more intense moments of my...
  • Log #4985 - by Craig Blankenship on May 12, 2004
    Summitted via Stettners and Kieners on a semi-crappy day (weatherwise) with my bro-in-law Dan and our Guide, John Bicknell with Colorado Mountain School. If you haven't started lead climbing yet and...
  • Log #4984 - by Scott Leaverton on May 11, 2004
    Whew! 24 years after summiting with my brother in 1976 I was determined to make it again this year. I had climbed to Chasm view in 1972 with my Father at age 13. It took a MUCH greater effort this...
  • Log #4983 - by Steve Miller on May 10, 2004
    What a great hike!!!! This was my second attempt. My first attempt failed because I went up there with a 50+lb pack. The pack had a large video camera, camera equipment, WATER (Two 2 liter bottles),...
  • Log #4982 - by Joe Gagnon on May 09, 2004
    What a great climb!! This was my first fourteener, and it has really inspired me to consider other, more challenging climbs. For anyone who, like me, lives near sea level and wants to attempt to...
  • Log #4981 - by Reed Evers on May 08, 2004
    Yeah I felt really great making it to the top until I met a 7 year old up there.
  • Log #4980 - by Edward C. Schalk on May 07, 2004
    I started mountain hiking and climbing at age 60. My goal was to climb Long's Peak via the Keyhole with my son as my 62nd Birthday present and we summited on Sept. 17, after camping overnight in the...
  • Log #4979 - by Kerry E. Imhof on May 06, 2004
    I am Native of Colorado and have spent most of my childhood hiking with my parents as it was important for them to show the appreciation of what Colorado had to offer. It was not out of the ordinary...
  • Log #4978 - by Steve Woods on May 05, 2004
    I had been planning to do this hike with my kids all Summer and it almost did not happen what with back-country sites being full and scheduling conflicts. Nevertheless, my 9-year-old daughter Amanda,...
  • Log #4977 - by Steve C. Jacques on May 04, 2004
    As a teenager growing up in Longmont, I spent many years looking at Longs Peak and Mount Meeker and hoped to climb it someday. It only took me 30 years after graduating from LHS to get it done.... It...
  • Log #4976 - by Brian and Steve Wellman on May 03, 2004
    I am 13 years old, and I still did it. My dad had said since he was thirteen years old that he wanted to climb "Longs Peak," and well,... we did it. With alot of bragging afterwards.
  • Log #4975 - by John B. Case on May 02, 2004
    In June 1969, I climbed Long's Peak. It was the first fourteener that I climbed at the age of 19. We started out from the Long's Peak Ranger Station at 4:00 AM. Though it has been 31 years, I...
  • Log #4974 - by Daniel Nifong on May 01, 2004
    We summitted the Longs via a creative route. Kicked stepped across Mills Glacier to the base of Stettner's Ledges route, several pitches up to Broadway...then on via Kieners. The traverse of Broadway...
  • Log #4973 - by Adrian Stevens on Apr 30, 2004
    OK, awsome climb. The view of the Diamond was very impressive, but I did the Key Hole, it was so crowded though most likely because of rookies like me
  • Log #4972 - by Matt Kirk on Apr 29, 2004
    Greetings 14er climbers and enthusiasts. I just wanted to let everyone know that there should be a 14ers forum coming soon at http://www.trailjournals.com. If you have the time, please come by and...
  • Log #4971 - by Luke Hansen on Apr 28, 2004
    Congratulations to everyone who has reached this incredible peak. We started hiking at 1:00 a.m. and we neared the peak at 11:00 a.m. However, about 200 feet from the top, I couldn't go any farther.
  • Log #4970 - by David Bennett on Apr 27, 2004
    We left the trail head at about 3:00am and reached the Keyhole at mid morning. Night hiking was a great experience and when the sun rose, we could see the clouds in the valley below us. The...
  • Log #4969 - by Ash Hayward on Apr 26, 2004
    A cool mountain to climb , not that hard but a great view from up top .
  • Log #4968 - by John Ellison on Apr 25, 2004
    Beautiful day. Beautiful Hike. Summit was warm and not windy, which I'm told is not the norm.
  • Log #4967 - by Keith Ladd Moses on Apr 24, 2004
    Left Atlanta at 6pm, arrived in Denver at 7pm, and drove to campsite. I put the tent up at midnight and was awake at 4 am. Drove to trailhead and started my hike a 5:15 am. 1500ft to over 14,000 in...
  • Log #4966 - by Mark Edmund on Apr 23, 2004
    Our first climb to Longs Peak has been the most memorable experience in my short life - so far. Many landmarks for me on that day on August 8, 2000. I turned 30, I made it to the top of this...
  • Log #4965 - by Chris Long on Apr 22, 2004
    Full trip report for Kieners route available here: www.geocities.com/mtngoat14k/id49.htm
  • Log #4964 - by Scott Pauley on Apr 21, 2004
    It was always my dream since I was little and finally last summer we finally got the opportunity to go to the top. The year before we got to the keyhole and had to turn around because of the...
  • Log #4963 - by Garry Cundiff on Apr 20, 2004
    Your never too old! Three out of four in our party were over 50 and two of us were 58. We had never tried anything similar, so we were apprehensive. It took us a little over 11 hours. If you want...
  • Log #4962 - by Aaron Lee on Apr 19, 2004
    A challenge that I'll never forget...whet my appetite for summits...now all I want to do is gear and go... up. We took off too late, had to take shelter in the shrubbery on the way up because of...
  • Log #4960 - by John M. Ellis/ Mike Segrue on Apr 18, 2004
    Had to do something dumb before I turned 40 in August. Had a ball and will do it again. It was still a technical climb at the trough so the going was slow. Fortunately we were prepared by spending...
  • Log #4959 - by Jared Sadowitz on Apr 17, 2004
    RMNP was great, and Longs topped it off!
  • Log #4958 - by Mike Ervolino on Apr 16, 2004
    Man, it was great. Don't think being in great shape is gonna get you up there though, you have to push your self. It gets scary looking down anywhere after the key hole, and I was wary at first, but...
  • Log #4957 - by Jerry Cates on Apr 15, 2004
    Take this mountain seriously. Read the mountain of reference materials available before attempting this trek, and follow as much of the advice offered as possible. If you are a flatlander, acclimate...
  • Log #4956 - by Brian Kenney on Apr 14, 2004
    I hiked the Key hole trail with a buddy of mine when we were just out high school.
  • Log #4955 - by Steve LaGreca on Apr 13, 2004
    Gone up the key-hole route three times with my sons and would like to try the ships prow route, up to the saddle between Longs and Meeker. Go up Meeker, back to the saddle and try and find a way to...
  • Log #4954 - by Lynn Cooper-Peterson on Apr 12, 2004
    I have done 3 marathons and several triathlons since then, but the physical and mental challenges of Longs Peak remain my hardest. It took from 3am to 8pm that night to reach the summit and hike back...
  • Log #4953 - by Dan Clarke on Apr 11, 2004
    First climbed Longs when I was 14. It was a tremendous experience that remained fresh in my mind every year after. I was living in Sask., Canada in 1996 when I decided to take a 2 week camping trip...
  • Log #4952 - by Becky Aho on Apr 10, 2004
    I loved it, we got the boulder field just as the sun was coming up. It was so beautiful. We also ran into a large herd of elk. It was amazing, seeing them allow us get so close to them.
  • Log #4951 - by Carmela Petersen on Apr 09, 2004
    What an incredible mountain!!! I first climbed Long's Peak when I was 8 years old with my dad. I've never looked at the mountain the same since then. We had to turn around at the narrows because of...
  • Log #4950 - by Charles Vernon on Apr 08, 2004
    This mountain is my favorite place in the world! I've summitted around 10-12 times by several different routes, including the Keyhole, Kieners, Clark's Arrow, North Face (in winter), and a couple of...
  • Log #4949 - by Susan Records on Apr 07, 2004
    I trained hard for my climb, I thought. (Was 36 yrs old then.) Lived in Oklahoma City at the time. Only had a week to get acclimatized after arriving in Allenspark, CO.
  • Log #4948 - by Tony Bielat on Apr 06, 2004
    Climbing Longs Peak via the Keyhole Route was the scariest, most spectacular, most physically challenging, most difficult thing my nephew and I had ever done. Mother nature turned our hike/climb into...
  • Log #4947 - by Dave on Apr 05, 2004
    I just discovered this page today, many years after our summit... It was my 31st birthday, and my girlfriend and I made it to the top. Our first fourteener. I asked her to marry me up there, and she...
  • Log #4946 - by Bob Willey on Apr 04, 2004
    Wow!! The most physically and emotionally challenging thing I ever did in my life. But I'm ready to do it again.
  • Log #4945 - by Aaron Izbicki on Apr 03, 2004
    I fisrt saw Longs Peak (or "The B***h" as she is known in our group)in the summer of 1996. I was living in Austin Texas at the time. A co-worker and friend Brian suggested that we go to...
  • Log #4944 - by Brad Heilwagen on Apr 02, 2004
    The day I summitted, I had it easy. The weather was great because there was no weather at all. It was a sunny day with a few clouds. Other than a little trouble above 14,000 ft, nothing went wrong.
  • Log #4943 - by Joel Zylstra on Apr 01, 2004
    This is a beautiful mountain. Although the uneducated tourists do abuse it to a certain extent, this massive rock, with breathtaking biews and sheer dropoffs is remarkable. In the Summer, the keyhole...
  • Log #4940 - by Brad Farnsworth on Mar 31, 2004
    Forgot water - not a good idea.
  • Log #4939 - by marty allen on Mar 30, 2004
    Longs Peak is aptly named. The hike is looong. Started well before sunrise and very glad we did. The hike through tree line was quick and easy.
  • Log #4938 - by Steve Prosise on Mar 29, 2004
    the view is worth it all..
  • Log #4937 - by Michael&David Conner on Mar 28, 2004
    Its not what you make of the mountain, its what the mountain makes of you!
  • Log #4936 - by 24-7 on Mar 27, 2004
    The Best Peak to Summit!!!
  • Log #4935 - by David Neckels on Mar 26, 2004
    Gnarley. Went from Glacier Gorge trailhead at 3:00 a.m., to Black Lake, up the trough 2000 feet, through very icy (and exciting) narrows, up the homestretch ice-field (that's right, the ice axe went...
  • Log #4934 - by John and Sherry Braeger on Mar 25, 2004
    Our bodies were humbled and our spirit strengthened. We miss the old gal and will visit her in 2009.
  • Log #4933 - by Leslie Ann Miller on Mar 24, 2004
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!
  • Log #4932 - by Don & Carol Ester on Mar 23, 2004
    We hiked from Glacier Basin Campground, camped overnight in the Boulder Field, summitted at around 9 am, and hiked back to Glacier Basin. A VERY challenging and rewarding hike.
  • Log #4931 - by Joseph Matecki on Mar 22, 2004
    Start early, around 3 in the morning if you want to finish in one day and be home for dinner. It's a progressively tough hike, the boulder field is probably the toughest, it just seems like it's...
  • Log #4930 - by PATRICK CAMPBELL on Mar 21, 2004
    Was in a storm at fried eggs and came down and stayed in shelter on other side of keyhole
  • Log #4929 - by Dave McAllister on Mar 20, 2004
    Great Hike. Made it up in 5 hours 5 minutes with 4 of my old Fraternity Brothers, Ryan "Double Edge" Sword, Dave "Mono" Benson, and Tony "The Chef" Kerby.
  • Log #4928 - by Brian Phillips on Mar 19, 2004
    Did Kieners Route with my 11-year old son. A memorable experience on a classic mountaineering route. See trip report via the supplied link.
  • Log #4926 - by W. David Featherman on Mar 18, 2004
    Make sure your camcorder is off before you zip it up in your daypack (Yo Skip!)
  • Log #4925 - by Chad Hinton on Mar 17, 2004
    The route was quite challenging after the Key Hole and steaper than I expected. It was a good climb and a beautiful summit. The route was rated technical at the ranger station due to snow and ice on...
  • Log #4924 - by Don Blake on Mar 16, 2004
    An incredible hike! We had great weather and had the unique experience of watching a sailplane buzz the peak 4 or 5 times. This puppy got to within 50 feet of the flattop!
  • Log #4923 - by Hank Kozlowski on Mar 15, 2004
    unique experience, a lot of fun, started in darkness, returned in darkness; had luck of absolutely perfect weather, i.e., cloudless, rocks were completely dry, very low wind speed, able to spend 45...
  • Log #4922 - by John E. Gyllenborg on Mar 14, 2004
    Summited Long's with a friend after 4 years of dreaming and talking about it. We were very well prepared and conditioned for the climb. Took just under 11 hours round trip via the Keyhole Route. The...
  • Log #4921 - by Scott Gyllenborg on Mar 13, 2004
    I climbed Longs in July, 1971 at 15 years of age. I climbed Mt. Audubon and a few lower peaks in the weeks before Longs. My route was the North Face via The Cables, which were removed a few years...
  • Log #4920 - by Eleanor Henning on Mar 12, 2004
    One of the best things I have ever done. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. Scrambling up the last few yards to reach a football sized mountaintop with astounding views made aching...
  • Log #4919 - by Deborah Fronsdahl on Mar 11, 2004
    Hope to try again September 2001, with kids in tow! (And much less camera equipment...)
  • Log #4918 - by Jerry Witt on Mar 10, 2004
    Started out on the wrong foot - thought we had a back country permit to camp at Boulder Field. To anyone planning to do that and picking up the permit after 10 AM that day, CALL THE BACK COUNTRY...
  • Log #4917 - by Jim D. Libal on Mar 09, 2004
    This was a great climb with some awesome views
  • Log #4916 - by Bill Hauswirth on Mar 08, 2004
    I started at 2:00 am and summited at 8:45 am. At about 4:00 am my flashlight died. However, there were so many stars out, it lit my way and I could see well enough to continue until it got light. ...
  • Log #4915 - by Keith Little on Mar 07, 2004
    Started at 4:20 AM...will start at 2:00 AM next time!! Great weather, little wind all the way to the summit. Awesome sunrise and morning sun shining on the diamond. Took it kinda sloq and hit the...
  • Log #4914 - by Mike Adamson on Mar 06, 2004
    Started with 6, but only 3 of us summitted. Keyhole route was a perfect day of mountain movement. The other summit guy I had just met that morning, and once we started the trail I never saw him...
  • Log #4913 - by Ryan Stone on Mar 05, 2004
    Well, this was one of the best trips that I have had in a long time. Suzy and I began our journey on Friday afternoon at around 2pm. This was after spending the better part of the 1pm hour waiting...
  • Log #4912 - by J.A. Hoskin on Mar 04, 2004
    Too many people on the trail the second time up :-(
  • Log #4911 - by Sarah Slagter on Mar 03, 2004
    This has been one of the greatest 14ers I've climbed! It was the most challenging after being turned down 4 times by the weather, but now I've done it!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Log #4910 - by Jeff & Tammy Godin on Mar 02, 2004
    Keyhole Route: A wonderful experience. We tried last year, but turned back at the keyhole. Trough is tough. Narrows are Narrow.
  • Log #4909 - by Tim Wigley on Mar 01, 2004
    If you fear heights...don't attempt this peak! Very challenging...but very rewarding. I'm glad I did it.
  • Log #4908 - by Debra, Megan, Scott, Robert, John on Feb 29, 2004
    What a great day. We started at 3:30 AM and summitted at 12:30 PM. What a climb!! Very steep drop off the edge of and scary just past the Keyhole on the Ledges, then up the Trough for 850 feet of...
  • Log #4907 - by Sarah A. Larson on Feb 28, 2004
    Check the batteries of your headlamp before leaving your house!
  • Log #4906 - by Yehoshua Ben-Avraham on Feb 27, 2004
    This was an exciting climb! I started out from Goblin's Forest a 11:00 on Wed. August 8, 2001. It was raining and when I got to the turn for Chasm Lake the moon shown for about 15 minutes. Then a...
  • Log #4905 - by Larry Pedigo on Feb 26, 2004
    I started from the trailhead at 3:30 a.m. and summited at about 7:30 a.m. via the Keyhole Route. This, my third trip up Longs, only reinforced my adoration for this peak.
  • Log #4904 - by Jesse Vargas Jr. on Feb 25, 2004
    Thanks to my wife for her love and support. Thanks to the Mountain for allowing me to summit. Thanks to God for my health and enlightenment. Now...on to the next!
  • Log #4903 - by Joe on Feb 24, 2004
    I summitted via the Kiener's route on the upper part of the Diamond. The total trip time car to car was 15 hours. We started at the Longs Peak trailhead at 1:00 am and moved quickly to Chasm Lake....
  • Log #4902 - by Bryan M Whitney on Feb 23, 2004
    Wow! What a view! I was scared to death when I got to the narrows. The summit however, was quite worth a little fear! I can say that I am one of the only 30% that make it to the summit on their first...
  • Log #4899 - by Pete Guignard on Feb 22, 2004
    Can't believe the number of people that turned back at the top of the Trough. TRhe rest of the trail was not that bad and the views from the summit. I am glad taht we finally did it.
  • Log #4898 - by Dan Vigil on Feb 21, 2004
    Travel light. Start Early (before 4:00 AM), Prepare physically and mentally. I started from ranger station at 4:20 AM. reached the Boulderfield at sunrise, awesome light at the keyhole.
  • Log #4897 - by Keith Grissom on Feb 20, 2004
    First 14er and a tough one. Despite popular belief, the Trough is the most difficult. I was still feeling the adrenaline through the Boulderfield. The Trough seems to be endless.
  • Log #4896 - by Ian A. Johnson on Feb 19, 2004
    This is a very easy alpine technical climb, but don't underestimate the mountain at all. I lead the only 5th class pitch of 5.4, but because of ice, it was more of a 5.6 slab climbing.
  • Log #4895 - by Stephanie Smith on Feb 18, 2004
    I led a group of complete camping novices. We stayed at Goblins Tues night and did a night hike up to Columbine Falls, photographing a ton of elk and returning around midnight to our campsites by...
  • Log #4894 - by Lori Shindel on Feb 17, 2004
    Start prep-hiking as long before you go as possible if you want to be able to move the next day!
  • Log #4893 - by Richard Buell on Feb 16, 2004
    I heard the horror stories about the weather on Longs Peak but 8/26/01 was about as beautiful (clear blue skies) and calm (little or no wind) as it gets. Started at 4:38 am (already the parking lot...
  • Log #4892 - by Tak Hayakawa on Feb 15, 2004
    Bring your gloves and clothes with hood. Maybe frisbees, too; the summit is huge like a football field... kidding.
  • Log #4891 - by Nathan McCombs on Feb 14, 2004
    Had a case of altitude sickness after reaching the summitt. It was all well worth it. There is nothing better than the sunrise at Chasm Lake. Thanks to Rob Bennetts! I could not have done it without...
  • Log #4890 - by gula irene on Feb 13, 2004
    it was much longer and much harder than i expected
  • Log #4889 - by Brian Boeninger on Feb 12, 2004
    My sister Anita and I did this on a Monday. Very few people on the way up, though plenty on the way down. We started at 3:25am and reached the summit at 8:15am. Great weather, virtually no snow left.
  • Log #4888 - by Joshua Howell on Feb 11, 2004
    Got early start around 1:40. No need for headlamps as the full moon was extremely bright. Ended up racing some Colorado boy up the last part of the homestretch... big mistake he was used to the...
  • Log #4887 - by George Schock on Feb 10, 2004
    Excellent climb. Me, Mike Tilley, Megan Keefe, and Bruce Clark all left the parking lot at 3:30 AM. Almost full moon helped with the light but carried flashlights for hike to timberline. Sunrise at...
  • Log #4886 - by Todd Fields on Feb 09, 2004
    Three fathers took their kids: and 11 year old daughter, 9, 11, and 12 year old sons to the summit after a night in the Boulder Field. We had excellent weather and a fantastic summit - everybody made...
  • Log #4885 - by Marco Turco on Feb 08, 2004
    Leave Early -- 01:30am is a good time to avoid the inevitable crowds that 'storm' the mountain in the late Summer. Try to make the Keyhole (the easiest route) by sunrise -- you should be within the...
  • Log #4884 - by David Okada on Feb 07, 2004
    Ouch...but very much worth it. The most fun, free, and rewarding 14 hours ever!
  • Log #4883 - by J. David Buckwalter on Feb 06, 2004
    After biking around the Tenmile/Mosquito and Sawatch Ranges and ascending 12 fourteeners, I dercided to drive up to Estes Park and give Longs a shot, via the Keyhole. Signed the trail log at 6:10 am,...
  • Log #4882 - by Bill Howell on Feb 05, 2004
    2nd time on top for me. The 2nd time was easier but the boulder field and homestretch seemed longer. Didn't have time to acclimate before the climb (3 day weekend) the altitude hit me hard being a...
  • Log #4881 - by Ryan Isaacs on Feb 04, 2004
    I drove to Rocky Mountain National Park with my goal being to summit Long's after hiking around for a few days I really thought that it would not be possible. I did not want to get altitude sickness...
  • Log #4880 - by Carl and Brenda Cooney on Feb 03, 2004
    We hit the trail at 1:30am, as our objective was the boulder field. Upon reaching the east face junction, other climbers shared with us the keyhole route had just been opened for non-technical...
  • Log #4879 - by Huck Bennett on Feb 02, 2004
    Great mountain, Great hike, the closest 14er to home... Just 15 miles away. Get an early start (3 or 4), and beware of extreme conditions. The Narrows are no place to be in a lightning storm.
  • Log #4878 - by Ian A. Johnson on Feb 01, 2004
    I free-soloed Kiener's Route in 5 hours from car to summit, 9 hours car-to-car. I hit the trail at 4a.m., made good time and reached Lamb's Slide at 6:00a.m. I ran into some climbers in the big bivvy...
  • Log #4877 - by Andrew Sanders on Jan 31, 2004
    a man was truck by lighting on the east face the day thet i summited.
  • Log #4876 - by jim fisher on Jan 30, 2004
    kieners is a classic mountain route.
  • Log #4875 - by Dan Kinney on Jan 29, 2004
    As with any hiking expedition, even if your a pro, you always need to respect Mother nature. The first time I climbed Longs, A cocky guy went his own way because he was stuck behind someone slow. In...
  • Log #4874 - by Gary Brienza on Jan 28, 2004
    I was a native of Colorado and in 1974 I was 26 and tried my very first climb. I was in shape for the altitude spending a lot of time running the hills as a kid. My climbing partner kacked out on me...
  • Log #4873 - by Mark and Gloria Cox on Jan 27, 2004
    Take lots of water and extra food. It is more difficult than you think! What an incredible view from the summit!!!
  • Log #4872 - by Spencer Hannah on Jan 26, 2004
    I just about lost my life on this mountain - don't take it lightly. After two successful summits in '88 and '89 I was attempting again in 1990. We took what was referred to as the cable route. While...
  • Log #4871 - by Joe Poplinger on Jan 25, 2004
    After I finished the climb I was not inclined to go again, but now I am dying to get back up there. One recomendation on homestretch watch out for the dots, because my friend and I missed them which...
  • Log #4870 - by Lori Stephens on Jan 24, 2004
    I first climbed Long's Peak in 1989 with my husband and my dad. Mom stayed at the cabin babysitting our two little kids. It was tough then and I thought I'd never climb it again. But my kids had...
  • Log #4869 - by Bob on Jan 23, 2004
    Awesome experience. If you're as slow as me, hit the trail by 1AM.
  • Log #4868 - by Missy Detzner on Jan 22, 2004
    My dad and I climbed Longs Peak during our first backpacking trip together; it was the greatest adventure of my life!
  • Log #4867 - by marc moomaw on Jan 21, 2004
    Fun + hard. We had great weather the entire day. Not too crowded when we did it. Way down was killer for the knees.
  • Log #4866 - by Michael Hodges on Jan 20, 2004
    great climb. did the typical keyhole route, and it was a lot of fun. Nice views!!
  • Log #4865 - by George Davis on Jan 19, 2004
    Found out about Longs Peak in 1976 on my first trip to the Rocky Mountains. Tried to climb in 1976 and 1977 but was turned back by bad weather on both tries.Went back in 1978 with no intention of...
  • Log #4864 - by James on Jan 18, 2004
    I'm planning to hike Longs Peak this summer with a couple of friends. We are all from different cities, but are gathering information on gear and conditioning and communicating daily. I'm sure this...
  • Log #4862 - by Marty & Angie Abdon on Jan 17, 2004
    Wonderfully challenging time for non-technical folks like us. Lots of people climbing, but you still feel like you really accomplished something. Has plenty of edgy stuff to keep your blood pumping,...
  • Log #4861 - by Jeff Razniewski on Jan 16, 2004
    Took Clark's Arrow route (very less traveled non-technical route) and didn't see another climber until we got to the home stretch. It was great. The views were amazing once you get to the ridge...
  • Log #4860 - by Jessica VanSlooten on Jan 15, 2004
    this was my first mountain climbing experience, and it was grueling, challenging, and ultimately rewarding. long's peak taught me some invaluable lessons about tenacity and humility, gratitude and...
  • Log #4859 - by derrick blodgett on Jan 14, 2004
    this mountain was a bit higher than past hiking experiences. it was a rewarding hike, really hard to express in words though, ya know?
  • Log #4858 - by Russell Pennepacker on Jan 13, 2004
    i loved it! i will return to see the sunrise someday, maybe while there is snow.
  • Log #4857 - by Jill Z. on Jan 12, 2004
    I have been waiting to Summit Longs for two years and it is going to happen this summer! Phil-hope you are ready!!!!!!
  • Log #4856 - by Jeremy Glen on Jan 11, 2004
    Truly the most incredible experience of my life. The second time I summited I hiked alone, making it in only 4.5 hours! The clouds were socked in to the valley all the way to Denver, the mountains...
  • Log #4855 - by Brian Martin on Jan 10, 2004
    Fun day hike. This hike has everything.
  • Log #4854 - by T.J. Evans on Jan 09, 2004
    Great day hike, if you want to avoid the crowds, leave earlier. I leave just after 2:00am and hit the summit with one or two others at the most. Sunrise at the Key Hole is awesome. Don't stay at tthe...
  • Log #4853 - by Dean Anderson on Jan 08, 2004
    This was a birthday present from my sons... my 50th birthday. It was one of lifes greated moments... we climbed to the boulder field and camped there.
  • Log #4852 - by Dennis Smith on Jan 07, 2004
    A lung busting hike with or without a pack, Camping on the boulder field was like being on a different planet. It was so windy one night the center of our 4 season tent kept smacking my face while I...
  • Log #4851 - by Pat Lalama on Jan 06, 2004
    Attempted to reach the summit with my wife in 1977. Not a successful trip, due to conflicts of interest. Made it to Chasm Lake. Very breathtaken.
  • Log #4850 - by Rosilyn Macumber on Jan 05, 2004
    At the time, my boyfriend and i were working at a summer camp in colorado. while we were planning out climb, you would have thought that one of the many colorado natives or experienced climbers that...
  • Log #4849 - by JEREMY JUEDEMAN on Jan 04, 2004
    go early to beat the crowds lots of touriest,through the the key hole route. stieners ledge a lot less crowded.
  • Log #4848 - by Eric D. Smith on Jan 03, 2004
    Made an attempt March 2-3, 2002 during the worst storm of the whole winter in Colorado! 14 inches of fresh snow fell, high arctic winds dropped down and the temperatures plummetted to -22 up high. We...
  • Log #4847 - by Aaron Johnson on Jan 02, 2004
    I first climbed Longs Peak as a Boy Scout on an outing in 67 (I think) via the Cable Route (I'm fairly sure) because I remember the steep climb and what a charge it was. Since then, I have climbed...
  • Log #4846 - by Joe Roach on Jan 01, 2004
    Plan for a summit the first week of August. New York Mike, I hope you are ready when you come out. I promise you the hike of your life. Joe
  • Log #4845 - by Adrian on Dec 31, 2003
    Absolutely a fabulous hike, but make sure you start early. I was fortunate to be on top first, 7 AM. Spent about ten minutes alone on the summit, the weather was just awsome and the feeling...
  • Log #4844 - by viktor malasauskas on Dec 30, 2003
    summer ascent - kieners route,east face winter ascent - cable route,north face some keyhole trips
  • Log #4843 - by Mike Robinson on Dec 29, 2003
    Ton's of work but well worth it. I turned back the first time that I attempted it. Then I trained for a year and made it with room to spare. Climbing is a true adventure.
  • Log #4842 - by bryant reynolds on Dec 28, 2003
    We camped in the Boulderfield on the 29th so we could take our time and summited the next day. The weather was excellent, high 40's at night and 80's during the day with no rain or snow. Going at the...
  • Log #4841 - by Bob Roller on Dec 27, 2003
    Long's Peak is the first "fourteener" that I've ever attempted and it was amazing. My roommate and I drove nonstop from Iowa to the park and began our assent after only a brief nap. We made...
  • Log #4840 - by jeff torgerson on Dec 26, 2003
    Encountered a small black bear in the lower camp ground in June, 1976. He was sniffing around for food scraps at 10pm and I jumped out of my tent and yelled like a scary human, and threw rocks as he...
  • Log #4839 - by Reid Lander on Dec 25, 2003
    What else would you be doing... sleeping in? My 2 cents is to leave early. View sitting in the Keyhole at sunrise was wonderful. View from the top was better.
  • Log #4838 - by Charles Liu on Dec 24, 2003
    Sorry for the late entry here since I did this so long ago, but as I was filling in summit logs for some other 14ers I did recently, I thought I'd chime in and 'virtually bag' this one as well. Longs...
  • Log #4837 - by Amy Tenney on Dec 23, 2003
    Wow! This was one of the hardest things (both physically and mentally) that I've ever done! I can't beleive I did it, but I'm so glad I did. My husband, Mark, kept me going, telling me I could do it....
  • Log #4836 - by Mark Tenney` on Dec 22, 2003
    Our weather was perfect!!! We had a beautiful day to make the attempt and achieve our goal. My wife, Amy summitted with me after wanting to quit a few times on the way. I'm very proud of her for...
  • Log #4835 - by andrew nimick on Dec 21, 2003
    Just tackled Longs at the conclusion of a wonderful week of family vacation at the Y of the Rockies. Never sure if I would even have the time and permission to abandon my family for a day, I spent...
  • Log #4834 - by Matthew Thomas on Dec 20, 2003
    A great way to spend my 31st birthday. I summited Mt. Whitney (in CA) on my 30th b'day. I think I will do a 14'r every July 20th until I can no longer hike and climb.
  • Log #4833 - by Ryan Phillips on Dec 19, 2003
    Last year some buddies and I decided to try a winter ascent of the cable route. Our plan was to camp above treeline the night before and bag it the next day. Needless to say... 80 plus winds and I...
  • Log #4832 - by Jeffery Bass on Dec 18, 2003
    I climbed the Kieners Route with CMS guide D.J. Nechrony on July 12, 2002. Weather was perfect. No afternoon storms.
  • Log #4831 - by Branden Strahm on Dec 17, 2003
    Longs was the best-worst hike that I have ever done. I was so ready to get off that mountain and head back to nebraska. One year later, I dying to get back up there. Next time I will dress warmer.
  • Log #4830 - by David Neckels on Dec 16, 2003
    This is kind of an obnoxious entry, but: Started at 5:30 a.m. Summited 9:00 a.m. Back to the trailhead by 12:30. This is my fastest time up.
  • Log #4829 - by Dennis Mallaney on Dec 15, 2003
    After planning the trip for a year, five of us (my son, daughter and her fiancee, son-in-law, and me) started out on 7/18/02. My son now lives in Boulder and had summitted last year, so he was our...
  • Log #4828 - by Mara Hughes/ Mark Hughes on Dec 14, 2003
    I really enjoyed this difficult but rewarding hike with my fifteen-year-old daughter. The sky was crystal clear and there were millions of bright stars and the big dipper hung right above a nearby...
  • Log #4826 - by John Souders on Dec 13, 2003
    I very rarely hike and am not an active person. I summited Long's Peak and it will be one of the greatest successes of my life. I have never felt more fear, more exhiliration, more emotion in...
  • Log #4825 - by shawn kayser on Dec 12, 2003
    It kicked my ass! I seen the trough and thought "what the hell! you go up that?" It was all worth it though. The view was awesome! The wind at the keyhole was terrible. I will do it...
  • Log #4824 - by Matt Walsh on Dec 11, 2003
    I did the peak starting at Copeland Lake Trailhead. It was a 4.5 mile hike in to Sand Beach Lake which was beautiful. I spent the night and left around 4am.
  • Log #4823 - by Matt Walsh on Dec 10, 2003
    I did the peak starting at Copeland Lake Trailhead. It was a 4.5 mile hike in to Sand Beach Lake which was beautiful. I spent the night and left around 4am.
  • Log #4822 - by Deric Shuster on Dec 09, 2003
    Bring leather gloves. A walking stick helps. The "Trough" is just as bad as the "Narrows". Don't waste your time in the gym do all cardio vascular workouts you will need the lungs...
  • Log #4821 - by Andy Hanefeld on Dec 08, 2003
    For my friends Jeremy and Dave and myself, Longs was our first fourteener, and it was all that it had been cracked up to be, both good and bad. We left the trailhead at 2 A.M., which afforded us...
  • Log #4820 - by Rick Hoff on Dec 07, 2003
    My 2 sons, Eric (21) and Jason (16) began the hike at 4:15am from the Longs Peak trailhead. By 5:15am we could see the first "light of day". At 5:45am we stopped to observe a spectacular...
  • Log #4819 - by Hugh Mossman on Dec 06, 2003
    35 yrs ago, when I was 21,I was working in Estes Park & climbed Long's Peak. Last week I climbed it again with my friend, Jay Friedly, and my daughter, Taylor, who just graduated from CU. I...
  • Log #4818 - by Ronald W Smith Jr on Dec 05, 2003
    Our group started at 2:45 monday morning. Our group was a collection of actors and technical staff from the Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder. We reached the keyhole at 8:00 and our group was...
  • Log #4817 - by Manson Boze on Dec 04, 2003
    This was my second attempt at Long's. I turned around at the Keyhole in July, 2000. This time I had my inspiration with me - my 9 year old son, Austin. We hit the trail at 3:00, reached the Chasm...
  • Log #4816 - by Jeff Toony and Stephanie Stacha on Dec 03, 2003
    It was gruelling for me to be hiking up to 14,000' when I basically spend my life at sea level, but as hard as it was... it was truly one of the most beautiful trips I've made. Can't wait to go back!
  • Log #4815 - by Brian Oyler on Dec 02, 2003
    On 8/05/02 we began at the Longs Peak trailhead at 9:00 am. The weather looked great and we were excited. Our plan was to spend the night in the Boulderfield, then ascend Mt. Lady Washington on...
  • Log #4814 - by Scott Gattis on Dec 01, 2003
    From the time my family moved to Loveland, Colorado in 1969 I have always enjoyed the beauty of Longs Peak. To look at a snow covered Longs on a brisk winter morning is something you could never grow...
  • Log #4813 - by Nick Roster on Nov 30, 2003
    We decided to go up the old Cable Route. It was a great time of year to try it as most of the snow was gone. There was ice however, in some spots. It was my first technical climb and it was great! We...
  • Log #4812 - by David Neckels on Nov 29, 2003
    Whew. Started at an embarassing 1:00 a.m. Climbed kieners via the loft. Summitted around 2:30 p.m. Not sure where the time went, but I think mostly on the technical pitches.
  • Log #4811 - by Brandon Atkinson on Nov 28, 2003
    It was a tough hike, but worth the effort. Definately!
  • Log #4810 - by David L. Brake on Nov 27, 2003
    Having never been over 5,000 ft. ever--the experience was something that I will always remember. I met some great people on the hike and saw amazing views. But....I will also warn anybody who might...
  • Log #4809 - by Jeff Sepich on Nov 26, 2003
    did not summit, but assisted in the air flight of the young woman who broke her leg. i did make it to the keyhole and the view was so breathtaking that i have been unable to properly convey it. I...
  • Log #4808 - by Michael Maybee on Nov 25, 2003
    This was my first 14'er almost thirteen years before the date I am signing this log. I still hold dear the memory of summiting Long's on a solo climb. I agree with other's comments that you MUST...
  • Log #4807 - by Dan Corbin on Nov 24, 2003
    Don't let anyone tell you that this hike is easy. I left the Longs Peak Ranger station at 2:00 AM with a group of folks from work. They were definetly in better shape than I was so I asked them to...
  • Log #4806 - by Brian Arnold on Nov 23, 2003
    Thanks to Josh Ramsey, Heather Estey, and Kyle Burns for getting adventurous with me. Promise you'll never forget it.
  • Log #4805 - by Dave Maney on Nov 22, 2003
    I live at 7,500 feet here in Colorado and did the peak with my good friend from Nashville, Tennessee. The weather was mostly very good, except for remarkably frightening howling wind at the Keyhole...
  • Log #4804 - by Chris Debaillon on Nov 21, 2003
    WOW! That was easily the hardest thing (physically) I've ever done. The altitude didn't cause any sickness, but it did take my breath away, causing a very slow ascent. However, the weather was...
  • Log #4803 - by Ross Meyer on Nov 20, 2003
    This was my second attemp at Long's Peak. First attempt was last year in September and was cut short by the season's first snowstorm. This time I went up with a friend after 3 nights at 9000 feet and...
  • Log #4802 - by Ari Harrison on Nov 19, 2003
    Longs Peak!!! What a HIKE! My friends, Matt and George decided to join the ranks of the insane and got up at 100am and made it to the Ranger Station at 300pm. We started at 330pm in the dark of...
  • Log #4801 - by Chris Hart on Nov 18, 2003
    I had first summit attempt came the year before, but we were turned back on the ledges due to icy conditions. I had failed to respect the mountain, too many people had told me the trail to the summit...
  • Log #4800 - by Tom Carlson on Nov 17, 2003
    WOW!!! What a great experience. I had heard the stories and I had heard the tales, but nothing compares to the real thing! I will be honest in saying that it is not nearly as hard as everyone says it...
  • Log #4799 - by Rob Nixon on Nov 16, 2003
    This climb is not for the faint of heart! I tried making the climb twice before, in 1986 and in 1988, and turned back both times in the trough. I was thrilled to make it this time, and the...
  • Log #4798 - by Mark on Nov 15, 2003
    We began at 2:00 am from the Ranger Station. Summitted at 7:30 a.m. and was back at the car around noon. We were blessed with perfect hiking weather.
  • Log #4797 - by tom smallwood on Nov 14, 2003
    I first climbed Longs when I was 14 (Aug. 1972) after doing a 10 day backpack in New Mexico so I was young and and in good shape. I don't remember it being much of a struggle. We went up the old...
  • Log #4710 - by Lonnie Mead II on Aug 27, 2003
    It was Great!
  • Log #4786 - by Chris Muth on Sep 10, 2002
    Our Longs Peak experience was almost a year to the day in the making. Labor Day weekend 2001, my girlfriend Stacy and her parents were hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park when the topic of hiking...