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  • Log #18864 - by Clint Schmidt on June 12, 2005
    2-day trip, to be sure. See my blog at for more details. Thanks.
  • Log #16721 - by Ernie Tolentino on Sep 09, 2002
    Departed for the Brother's forest camp at 4:30 PM and reached it at 7 PM, after hiking the 6.2 miles and gaining about 2300'. No one else was camping there, much to our delight. Started for the...
  • Log #16722 - by Kevin Koski on Sep 09, 2002
    Awesome day! Great view of the Puget Sound from the top.
  • Log #16723 - by Donna on July 28, 2001
    I have done several climbs and this one just wasn't mentioned so I thought I would start it out. The Brothers can be done on rock but is nice to do on snow in the middle of April is when I did it....