Pequeno Alpamayo

Pequeno Alpamayo Trip Report (#16734)

Kick ass climb up the direct route. Do not do the ridge route if the direct route is climbable. You'll be looking up a nice 70-75 degree face. Unfortunately to get to this peak as well as the direct route, you must first gain and then loose elevation before the final push which makes it a pain to get back to base camp after a lond summit day. Start early and be fresh.

I made the mistake of leaving La Paz at 3 in the morning with a couple friends and we got dropped off at the base and then headed up to base camp dropped off the rest of the gear and then headed on up about 4 hours behind schedule. It made for a grueling day of hiking in the heat and becoming dehydrated.

I actually recommed doing so killer mixed climbing from the same base camp. In stead of heading NE once you get on the glacier, you head SE and up the rock and ice walls, be very carefull for avalanches late morning and afternoon for there are shoots right above you on most of these routes to the SE, I can't remember the name of the peak off the top of my head, but email me and I can get you all the info you need.

Late and good luck

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