Pequeno Alpamayo

Pequeno Alpamayo Trip Report (#16740)

  • Signed By: Olof Dallner
  • Date submitted: July 29, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 21 july

I set out to solo Pequeno Alpamayo and left BC at 04:00. Soloing over the glacier was no problem since there was a trail to follow. Downclimbing Tarija was when i climbed it pure rock and no ice. Probably a bit tricky if your not used to mixed climbing. A lot of loose rock. I then choosed to solo the south-west face, the directissima which was good ice and snow, 65 degrees. I had to climb over the bergschrund but I thought it looked good and stable. Reached the summit after 3h from BC. I descended the normalroute and the conditions was very good. Arrived back in BC after 4h 31min.

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