Gilbert Peak

Gilbert Peak Trip Report (#16749)

Story as told by Clyde Bradshaw. "While on a camping trip, 6 of us boys decided to go to the top of Gilberts Peak, which was several miles away, and 13,250 feet high. We took a couple of sandwiches, and at 4:00 am, we started out on the hike. It was a very hard trip, clinbing that hill. There was nothing but large boulders. We tried to get up on one large rock that was just balancing and was as large as a house. It was so balanced, we could feel it move just by our weight. By about 2:00 pm, we reached the top. The wind was blowing so hard that we couldn't stand up straight. We found a 2 quart jar there with a dozen names in it. So the 6 of us signed our name on a rock and put our names in the bottle. It was a real sight from the top. We could see six large rivers that headed from large glaciers that we had walked around to get up there. On the south side of these peaks was at least 1000 feet of straight-up wall, just as straight as if the wall had been laid that way. We could see White Rocks River and some other one that we didn't know the name of. On the west end and south end was the Provo River, the Weber River, and Blacksfork, Smith Fork, and Henry's Fork. An interesting thing happened on that hike. The sole on one of my shoes came off, so I took my hankercheif and tied it around my shoe to hold the sole on. We started down from the peak around 4:00 pm and we were all getting pretty hungry, as we had eaten our sandwiches before we got the the top. We followed a a creek on the way down, which we found out was the Bear River. We came to a sheep camp and a lone sheep herder. We stopped there and asked for something to eat, but he told us that he just didn't have much. His camp tender had gone for supplies and had been gone for a week. He didn't know just when he would be back. He said that the tended generally got drunk every time he went for supplies, and there was no telling when he would make it back. We told him that we had to have something to eat because we still had at least ten miles to go back to our camp. He just happened to have a leg of mutton hanging on the side of the camp, so we took it and went into this camp almost under opposition. We cut all the meat off, cooked it and ate it with some sourdough bread. Nothing ever tasted so good. We went on our way and arrived in our camp about 10:00 pm. still cold and hungry."

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