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Manaslu is the high peak of the Gurkha massif, and is the eighth highest mountain in the world. It is located about forty miles east of Annapurna, the tenth highest mountain. The mountain's long ridges and valley glaciers offer feasible approaches from all directions, and it culminates in a peak that towers steeply above its surrounding landscape, and is a dominant feature when seen from afar. The name Manaslu is derived from the Sanskrit word Manasa and can be roughly translated as Mountain of the Spirit. In 1972, fifteen members of a Korean expedition were killed at 22,800 feet when an avalanche buried their camp. Two years later, the news from the mountain was better: An all-female Japanese expedition successfully ascended to the summit, thereby becoming the first women to climb an 8,000 meter peak.

Elevation (feet): 26,758
Elevation (meters): 8,156
Continent: Asia
Country: Nepal
Range/Region: Central Nepal Himalaya
Latitude: 28.549959
Longitude: 84.559536
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Apr, May
Year first climbed: 1956
First successful climber(s): T. Imanishi, Gyalzen Norbu, (Japanese expedition)
Nearest major airport: Kathmandu, Nepal
Convenient Center: Pokhara, Nepal

Trip Reports

There are 6 trip reports for Manaslu.

  • Log #5186 - by Fredrik Sträng on Dec 29, 20033.00 stars
    Anyone planning an expedition to Manaslu? As a photographer and climber, 8000 m peaks has really taken over my interest. Last year I summited Dhaulagiri (the first Swedish expedition to the...
  • Log #5188 - by Markus Walter on Feb 26, 20023.00 stars
    dangerous and beautiful mountain! The most thrilling part were the last 10 meters to the very top! Our planned ski descent failed due to lack of snow, but it was a great deal by walk too...
  • Log #5190 - by Frederick Ziel on July 18, 19993.00 stars
    My 3rd 8000 meter summit; good luck with conditions and companions made it happen
  • Log #5191 - by Erik Eriksson on July 08, 19993.00 stars
    We got real lucky with conditions on the mountain, my first 8000er
  • Log #5192 - by Jeff Alzner on June 18, 19993.00 stars
    Good climbing conditions made it fairly safe this season.
  • Log #22153 - by cleo weidlich on Mar 23, 20113.00 stars
    One of the most memorable approaches to a Base-camp. I trekked for a week in heavy rain and hot/humid weather through the most amazing tropical forest. Base-camp has a beautiful view of the green...