Pomerape Trip Report (#16854)

  • Signed By: Pedro Ibarra
  • Date submitted: March 14, 2003
  • Number of People Encountered:

We arrived to the Sajama Nat. park thanks to the help of Dr.Hugo Berrios from La Paz. After climbing Parinacota, we didn't expect climb another 6000, but Pomerape was so close from our campsite. Pomerape is more difficult, beautiful and fun than Parinacota and has almost the same height. It was climbed in 8 hours (total 11 hours) from the col between Payachatas at 5200 m, just 2 days after Parinacota (finally, we spent 5 days-4 nights over that height, so the acclimatation was good. Sergi Ricart (my very helpful companion) and me followed the southeast ridge route, wich is really nice, with great views all the way up (Sajama to the east, the impossing Parinacota to the south and even Guallatiri and Acotango). The most difficult part is the very steepy slope close to the wide summit, at 6100-6200 m (quoted AD+). We recommend this climbing even more than Parinacota.

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