Pomerape Trip Report (#16856)

Pomerape, we thought an easy starter, as warming up for Parinacota, its twin close by. Well, it was more difficult than expected. A lot of snow on the mountain, due to some bad weather some days before. We climbed the big South ridge and walked up easily over the fresh snowfields (we did not use crampones and piolet, although should have been way safer!). Close to the top there is a steep snowfield between the rocky ridge and some icy glacier pieces, but the snow was perfect. On the southern summit ridge, you still are not on the real summit and have to descent a little and climb a bit further to reach the real summit. Nice weather for ascending, windy though. It took us from our camp in the beginning of the pass 6 hours up and we got down in about 1,5 hours. Great, nice over-6000-m-mountain!

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