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    K1 MASHERBRUM, Pakistan, Climb 3d South Face

    Masherbrum (formerly known as K1) is located in the Ghanche District, Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan. At 7821 metres (25659 ft) it is the 22nd highest mountain in ...

    • By: The Mountain Queen
    • Published: Nov 26, 2016
    • Duration: 5:35
    • Views: 4,288
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    Us Alone on Gasherbrum 1 - 8000 meters (2015)

    • By: Tom Seidensticker
    • Published: Mar 08, 2016
    • Duration: 28:16
    • Views: 87,854
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    Alpine climber David Lama sets out to conquer Masherbrum in Pakistan

    CLICK CC for English!!! Learn more about their project HERE: David Lama, Peter Ortner, and Hansjoerg Auer set off to climb an ...

    • By: Red Bull
    • Published: June 30, 2014
    • Duration: 1:39
    • Views: 34,712
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    David Lama scales one of the toughest Alpine climbing routes

    Click CC for captions! Check out all of our adventures here: David Lama is best known for being able to scale the world's toughest alpine ...

    • By: Red Bull
    • Published: Jan 14, 2014
    • Duration: 7:44
    • Views: 532,036
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    What you know about K1 - Queen of peaks

    hey, guy.I guess you all know a little bit about K2, but Did you ever head of K1. K1 (Masherbrumm) Also known as a Queen of peaks. Masherbrum Or K1 Or ...

    • By: Your Thunder Buddy
    • Published: May 30, 2017
    • Duration: 1:09
    • Views: 794
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    Annapurna III – Unclimbed

    Annapurna III – Unclimbed” is an award-winning 12-min documentary featuring the 2016 expedition to the Himalayas of Nepal led by David Lama together with ...

    • By: David Lama
    • Published: Dec 21, 2017
    • Duration: 12:23
    • Views: 1,271,779
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    TOP 7 world's most dangerous mountains to climb.

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    • By: The Mountain Queen
    • Published: Dec 23, 2017
    • Duration: 3:09
    • Views: 19,268
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    High Altitude Climbing on Lunag Ri: David Lama | GoPro Highlights

    CLICK to watch the FULL VIDEO from their expedition: David Lama and Conrad Anker became the first expedition ever to ...

    • By: Red Bull
    • Published: Feb 12, 2016
    • Duration: 2:22
    • Views: 210,014
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    David Lama Expedition 2012 - Climbing the Nameless Tower

    Check out more adventures here: David Lama climbs the "Eternal Flame" route on the 6239 meter high Nameless Tower, which has a ...

    • By: Red Bull
    • Published: Oct 11, 2012
    • Duration: 3:50
    • Views: 204,872
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    Alpinist David Lama Attempts the Unclimbed SE-Ridge of Annapurna III

    Watch more adventure on Red Bull TV: Join David Lama and his partners Hansjörg Auer and Alex Blümel in their feelings of fatigue ...

    • By: Red Bull
    • Published: Nov 15, 2016
    • Duration: 1:40
    • Views: 79,619