Aiguille De Rochefort

It is possible to reach the Aiguille the Rochefort by the wanderful Crete de Richefort (West ridge, AD+/D, III, 600m from the Dent du Geant, 7hrs rt from Rifugio Torino, 4001m). The ridge (snow) is very sharp and spectacular. The rock is easy. We climbed with crampons because ice covered some rocks in the shadow. It is one of the most beautiful routes of the massif of those not requiring to sleep in a hut.

Elevation (feet): 13,126
Elevation (meters): 4,001
Continent: Europe
Range/Region: Savoy Alps
Latitude: 45.8333
Longitude: 7
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Geneve/Lyon/Turin/Milan
Convenient Center: Courmayeur(Italy)/Chamonix (France)

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  • Log #20492 - by Miguel Martinez Estremera on Nov 19, 2006
    This peak has a wonderful scenary, wievs of it and surroundings. From the refugio Torino (3338), the climb is easy at the beginning, up to the Dent du Geant (2 hours,3850 m.). Once you reach the...
  • Log #16887 - by Janos Granicz on July 22, 2002
    Karoly Barta - Barna Dobo - Janos Granicz We started the ascent from near the Torino Hut from our tents (Col du Geant) at 5:00 am. Our route was the normal route by the narrow Rochefort ridge. We...