Mount Chocura

Mount Chocura Trip Report (#16922)

  • Signed By: Lisa
  • Date submitted: July 23, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 1995 or 1996

I was in great shape and condition when I climbed Mt. Chocura. It was truly a most pleasurable climb for me. I was alone, but met a father and son team who befriended me and I climbed with them. Because of my condition, I was able to climb with ease, not having to stop or drink as often. Climbing actually helped me get through the stress of a failed marriage. I hope to lose some weight and climb Chocura once again. I'm actually trying to remember the cabins I stayed in near the mountain. Perhaps you can give me a few names when you respond. I would appreaciate it. I'll recognize the name when I hear it. The first path I climbed back in the 1980's was the bridal path trail up Franconia Notch. Ironic, isn't it? Thanks for letting me talk.


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