Elevation (feet): 4,974
Elevation (meters): 1,516
Continent: Europe
Country: Iceland
Range/Region: Iceland
Latitude: 65.05
Longitude: -16.75
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Volcanic status: Active
Most recent eruption: 2001
Nearest major airport: Akureyri, Iceland
Convenient Center: Akureyri, Iceland

Askja is a volcanic crater in east central Iceland, whose surrounding lava plain spreads for four square miles. Askja is not especially high, but has had a history of explosive eruptions. An especially powerful eruption caused extensive damage in 1875, and has been followed by several eruptions throughout the twentieth century. The most recent eruption was in April 2001. The eruption of 1875 created Lake Askja, which at 220 meters is the deepest lake in Iceland.

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  • Log #220 - by Emmanuel & Geraldine on Nov 01, 2004
    We walked from dyngjufell to Dreki trough the Askja, passing by the Jonnskard pass. It was snowy and foggy, we were just able to see the next wood stake. Thanks to GPS...
  • Log #221 - by an anonymous user on Feb 25, 1999
    We crossed Iceland by mountainbike and summited Askja around midnight having daylight. We wondered about the fog on th summit - it was a clear night - being not aware of the fact that Askja is a...