Pico Frade

Elevation (feet): 4,757
Elevation (meters): 1,450
Continent: South America
Country: Brazil
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Rio de Janeiro
Convenient Center: Tapera

Thanks to BJ Null for adding this peak.

A hulge bulk of Granite dominating over the Brazilian skyline. The peak can be seen 20-30 km away from the town of Macae. Leaving Macae, head towards Rio de Janeiro via BR 101. When you arrive at BR 101, go across the highway heading toward Glicerio. Continue past Glicerio (Frade towering above) until you come to a fork in the road, Frade to the right, Tapera to the left. Go left towards Tapera. Shorly you will begin the long slow climb towards Tapera. Just before reaching the top of the mountain to descend into Tapera, take the bumpy dirt road to your left. You may have to stop your car on the main road depending on road conditions. Climb the small hill for 5 minutes until the bulk of Frade comes into view. Descend the other side for 2-3 minutes until you come upon a cattle fence going laterally up the hill to your right. Go alongside the fence following a indistinct trail. Soon the trail will enter the forest and start climbing up and into the humid area. 1 hour later you will crest out on a ridge. Go left on the ridge (east?) and continue to make your way towards Frade. 1.5 Hours later you will come upon an exposed ridge with open views to your left. Descend 10 meters and come upon "decision point" The hump of Frade rises up in front of you, the peak 100 meters vertically. Not for the faint hearted, start clawing your way up the mountain using the old, rusted wire for support. A small 15 meter rope is very helpful for the last 100 meters. USing the old wire cables and rope, claw your way up until the grade lessens. Walk through the burnt forest until arriving at the peak and catch a view of the Atlantic Ocean. Rappelling is recommended on the way down for safety. A helmet, 15 meters of rope, and good experience in Mountaineering required for this peak. A great peak with fabulous views.

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  • Log #16954 - by BJ Null on Mar 02, 2002
    Nice jungle, forest, rock climb. Have fun on the fixed cables!!!! Fred Almeida, I and some others are doing the unclimbed, North side.