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Gunung Merapi is a notoriously active volcano in the center of the island of Java. It killed 3,000 people in 1672, and over 1,000 people in 1930. More recently, eruptions killed 28 people in 1976 and destroyed the homes of nearly 2000 others. In 1995, an eruption killed 30 people and injured 100. The crater at the summit is continually emitting smoke. Despite its ferocious eruptive history, Merapi and its nearby northern neighbor Merbabu (10,308 ft.) are frequently climbed. The ascent of either peak starts from the village of Selo. Both ascents are easy hikes on well-traveled trails.

Elevation (feet): 9,550
Elevation (meters): 2,911
Continent: Asia
Country: Indonesia
Range/Region: Java
Latitude: -7.55
Longitude: 110.433
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Volcanic status: Active
Most recent eruption: 2005
Nearest major airport: Yogyakarta, Java
Convenient Center: Selo, Java

Trip Reports

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  • Log #20888 - by Faizul on July 19, 2007
    Started ascend at 0630 and arrived summit at 1030. The view is superb. Many other peaks are visible, including Merbabu and Semeru. The peak is a large ground that you can play football on it.
  • Log #19292 - by Reza Soekotjo on Sep 27, 2006
    Best Approach from the North from the town of Selo. Best not to climb during wet season unless you are prepared to carry wet weather and cold weather gear. Depending on how you approach the climb a...
  • Log #19043 - by Peter on Oct 21, 2005
    I climbed the Merapi from selo village and guided by Mr. arief from indoadventure tours( I thought I was crazy climbing mountain in the middle of the night, but it was worth...
  • Log #5458 - by Kristina AUTEFAULT on Oct 12, 2004
    Our team was not exactly what we would call homogenous but we stuck together , made it to the top and shared aches , pains and even doubts.. We recommend Damar Homestay for the few hours of sleep...
  • Log #5459 - by SURI BIN YUSOP on Sep 15, 2004
    I thought I was crazy climbing mountain in the middle of the night for the first time in my life but it was worth the effort after viewing the spectacular scenery. A hard day's work pays off.
  • Log #5460 - by Shahruddin Hj Zakaria on Sep 15, 2004
    We were basically on a company trip(Penang Port Sdn. Bhd)from Malaysia comprising of top management,management and staffs (about 20 of us) making the trip.We're quite lucky and lavish having about 12...
  • Log #5461 - by Andy on Sep 01, 2004
    Thanks to superman and his gang for draging us to the top - 'an easy trek' I read somewhere. Well worth it.
  • Log #5462 - by Christine Theodorovics on June 24, 2004
    Climb at night. waiting in the cold for sunrise which was definitely worth it. :-)
  • Log #5463 - by Beat & Christian Roethlisberger on June 23, 2004
    It was a great night and day! We had a spectacular sunrise and a magnific view, it was a unique experience we would not have liked to miss this.
  • Log #5464 - by Gena F on Apr 21, 2004
    I climbed Merapi with a large group of Yogyakarta travelers. We were all doing a circuit of S.E. Asia at the time and gelled together for the climb for the sunrise. I forget which route we took, but...
  • Log #5465 - by devin hunt on Apr 02, 2004
    climbing merapi was a truly amazing experience but one that has left me hobbling around like a crippled old man for the last 2 days! i would recommend it to anyone as mad as me - it's a huge buzz. if...
  • Log #5466 - by toni on July 03, 2003
    My first experince with the moutain. We (me & Ican Acin - friends from milis Highcamp & pangrango as well) start climb at 11.00 am. Try to catch sunrise from "Pasar Bubrah"(last post before top)....
  • Log #5467 - by Hajah Zaleha Hj Abu Samah on June 20, 2003
    Mount Merapi2965M is well known as an active volcano mountain.We started our journey at the basecamp in Selo village.Start treking in midnight hoping to reach the peak before sunrise.This was my...
  • Log #5470 - by Joan Smith on Mar 13, 2003
    This volcano was so cool! I can't wait to visit it again in 2005. My friends and I have decided to visit Java for a few months at the end of 2004, and I am just so excited that I can barely calm...
  • Log #5471 - by Antony Ugiono on Jan 14, 2003
    This is the first summit I've reached. Actually climbing, scuba diving, and sky diving are my childhood obsessions. My first climbing experience I got when I was 12 years old in Merapi mountain. I...
  • Log #5472 - by Eric Samuel on Jan 14, 2003
    saya belum pernah mendaki gunung Merapi, karena itu saya berharap suatu hari nanti saya dapat melihat sendiri puncak merapi tersebut, selama ini saya hanya mendengar dari beberapa teman yang pernah...
  • Log #5473 - by akmal nizam bin hj. salleh on Aug 02, 2002
    Merapi??? so colourful and tough enough to me. my buddies told me, merapi so dangerous right now. but, merapi just waiting for me. I'll be back.
  • Log #5474 - by Irawan Adiwono on May 04, 2002
    Dear Mount Climbers, This is a very spectacular volcano. For anybody which requires more info about mountains in Indonesia, just feel free to contact me.
  • Log #5476 - by tom mclaughlin on June 06, 2001
    was working in solo for 22 months from 1984 to 1986 on the bengawan solo project. Climbed Gunung Merapi with 3 co workers . Started out from selo and took 4 hours to reach the summit of the cinder...
  • Log #5477 - by Jorrit Dix on Feb 18, 2001
    We began to climb the Merapi thinking it was an easy trip specially fittet for tourists. What a mistake. I (then 15)climbed it together with my 2 brothers(18 and 22) and my father (50),my father and...
  • Log #5478 - by bob hyland on Feb 17, 2001
    was an easy assent for the non climber. However it is about to blow its top so a climb may be out of the questions for a while.
  • Log #5479 - by bas dix on Feb 12, 2001
    A great adventure and the best mountain view ever.
  • Log #5480 - by Victor Krachkovsky on Jan 28, 2001
    I arrived to Kaliurang fully determined to climb to the top. However Cristian Avuy, the owner of "Vogels" who is an undoubted expert on the Merapi, strongly discouraged me from the venture....
  • Log #5481 - by Yoshi Feldmeier on Jan 17, 2001
    in the summer of 98 Merapi was very active, it was forbidden to climp up. The day before we (my twinbrother and I) started the tour with our new friends from Yogyakarta, the TV showed pictures of a...
  • Log #5482 - by Curt Larson on Apr 21, 2000
    Climbed alone starting at midnight, and summited at sunrise. I peered into the crater, saw the growing dome of flaking rock, smelled the sulpher, heard the lava at the bottom, and finally understood...
  • Log #5483 - by RENARD Aline Franck on Mar 15, 2000
    we climbed the Merapi with a Jogjakarta Student's association.We started walking at midnight to see the sunrise on the summit. At the top it was cold and wet and the hot stones gave us hot....
  • Log #5484 - by Jens Kühler on Mar 02, 2000
    We started to climb up the Mountain at one o'clock in the morning and arrived at sunrise on the top. We watched over the fantastic area, bevore wo declimbed. I think I must return one day, Jens K.
  • Log #5485 - by puguh imanto on Jan 22, 2000
    I saw merapi from plawangan, guided by Mr. Isa from Vogel Guest House. He is an exellent guide. He do understand javanese culture mithology, but also trying to look for scientific explaination.
  • Log #5486 - by Eric Stone on Nov 29, 1999
    I actually did not ascend the last cone (it's a pile of rocks, and is rather dangerous) but the rain and our group's ill-equipted-ness gave me the closest encounter I've ever had to hypothermia! ...
  • Log #5488 - by Adrianus Kus Widjayanto on Sep 15, 1999
    Super Exotic ...!! I shall return ..!!!
  • Log #5489 - by Phil and Hilary Davies on Sep 01, 1999
    From Selo starting 1:30 am. God help from guide when my headtorch batteries failed !! Superb views at dawn.- a feeling that this is a dangerous mountain which could blow again soon
  • Log #5491 - by Pierre Rebufat on Dec 21, 1998
    It was erupting...
  • Log #5492 - by Kathrine Batts on Dec 01, 1998
    This is a exelent sight guys keep up the good work and never stop srtiving to the end. You will get there one day.
  • Log #5493 - by Gebyar Andyono on Oct 24, 1998
    I enjoy and really like to climb Merapi. Merapi have various kind of animal and plant, from small animal to big animal, from mushroom to trees. I have many collection photo about that. I alwasy want...