Mount Meru

Mount Meru Trip Report (#5522)

  • Signed By: MARK EVDEMON
  • Date submitted: December 02, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 1949, last year of Arusha School attendance.

I was attending Arusha School when the opportunity to climb Mt. Meru came. There were about 10 students and 2 teachers plus a guide and an Askari with a gun for protection walking through the forest. 5 students and one teacher made it to the top. It was very cold but beautiful up there. We signed our names in the Book, looked around for about 20 minutes and then descended. It was a thrill to have climbed so high and being only 13 years old. Very nice experience. Check out my Page (Memories from Africa to the USA, and please sign my Guest book). Thanks. I like this Site and chance to sign this Log. Kwaheri.......

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