Mount Meru

Mount Meru Trip Report (#5531)

  • Signed By: Bruno Knaeps
  • Date submitted: August 14, 2002
  • Date(s) climbed: 20 july 2002

Blood, sweat and tears ... but well worth the effort. I (41 years) climbed together with my 12 year old daughter, a friend (41y) and his daughter (12y). I'm not an experienced climber, so I did some fitness training before. I should have done more ! Don't underestimate Mt Meru, it may be lower than Kilimanjaro, but it's steep. Take 4 days to climb unless you've done this kind of things before (then 3 is enough altough the beautiful nature and breathtaking views are worth a fourth day).

We arranged everything ourselves, and besides the armed guide (obligatory) we had only one porter. (2 or 3 would have made everything easier at almost no extra cost). We paid +/- 200$ per adult (less for the children) for 4 days. An organised, all-inn trekking with a tour-operator will cost you +/- 350$ for 3 days!

You pay entree per 12h daylight, so not for 24h periods like in other national parks. Be sure to get in time at the gate if you want to start with the long route. It took us more than 1h1/2 to get all administration cleared. Try to get a guide who speaks English well. Ours didn't so there were some misunderstandings and little help from his side.

If you want more information don't hesitate to mail me: - I'll be glad to answer all your questions

and allways remember: haraka haraka haina baraka!

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