Elevation (feet): 20,046
Elevation (meters): 6,110
Continent: South America
Country: Chile
Range/Region: Central Argentina-Chile
Latitude: -33.73484
Longitude: -69.878124
Difficulty: Technical Climb
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec
Nearest major airport: Santiago de Chile
Convenient Center: Santiago de Chile

Thanks to Uwe Kraus and Terrill Thompson for contributing to these details. (View history)

Marmolejo is the most southern summit higher than 6000 meters all over the world. In spite of little technical difficulties you shouldn't underestimate him. Violent winds from the close Pacific Ocean have caused the failure of quite a few projects.

It is a middle-heavy climb of a volcano with a little risk of crevasses. You need a first-class condition and acclimatisation as well as a good nose for the correct route.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #17042 - by Michael Mewes on Nov 13, 2003
    Nice and easy climb both technically as well as logistically (water at all levels up to high camp at 5200m). Good campsites everywhere up to 3200m, at 3800m before the steep gully and just above at...
  • Log #17043 - by Charles Standen F. on Sep 29, 2003
    Five friends (Daniel Madrid, Manuel Morales, Eduardo Ratinoff, Felipe Standen and Charles Standen) we made this spectacular ascent. Without mules. Terrific landscapes. On 16 we wrote down our ascent...
  • Log #17044 - by Andes Mountain Expediciones on Aug 29, 2003
    Guided expedition on Andes Centrales of Chile, Marmolejo, Tuungato, El Plomo, Aconcagua
  • Log #17045 - by Bep Maltha on Feb 02, 2003
    Together with Peter Verburgh we needed 9 days (round trip) to climb this 6108 m high peak, due to very bad weather in the first few days. We used horses to get from Banos Morales to our first camp at...
  • Log #17046 - by Roland Haas on Dec 01, 2002
    An extraordinary, easy but exhausting climb - it took us 8 days to summit, and 4 camps. We used skis up to the highest camp (approx. 5.100m). We were the only "andinistas" there and enjoyed...
  • Log #17047 - by Uwe Kraus on Sep 29, 2002
    By bus we went from Santiago de Chile to the Cajon del Maipo, where we started at a level of around 1800 m our ascent to the first high camp. After 7 hours we found a right place for our tent at an...
  • Log #17048 - by Christopher Toll on Sep 10, 2002
    Two climber ascend. A semi-hard ascend. Snowstorm at 5000 m forced us to stay in our tent for 48 hours which put us out of food for the summit-day. Despite the lack of energy we managed to reach the...