Ben Lomond Peak

Ben Lomond Peak Trip Report (#17091)

  • Signed By: Eric Maughan of Roy, UT, USA
  • Date submitted: December 08, 2002

Well, I'm glad that this mountain is finally getting some attention! I've climbed this peak a few times, and I can say that this is a BIG piece of rock! I've always climbed it in the heat of summer, and it can make for a very long day. The hike itself isn't a very strenous one, but you can definately feel the 18 miles after you're done! The last time I climbed it, my wife and I ran into a bull moose on the east side of the ridge as the trail winds gradually up through timber. He was standing about 20 yards off the trail, and it was obvious that he knew that he was the bigger one! He didn't charge, but defiantly stood his ground as we cautiously moved on past him. My wife,this being her first time up the mountain, was enjoying the hike until we crossed over onto the west side of the ridge and I pointed to the switchbacks that were still over a mile away! But, she said after beating me to the summit, that she really liked it. This is an awesome peak, and I would recommend it to anyone with the itch to be on top!!

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