Mount Moran

Mount Moran is a massive flat-topped mountain, from which many ridges, couloirs, and glaciers radiate. It dominates the Teton Range when seen from the north or northeast, and after the Grand Teton was the second mountain of the range to attract the attention of mountaineers. Though smaller in height than the Grand Teton, it is by far the most massive mountain in the Teton range. It is climbed less frequently than the other high peaks, however, because it is comparatively difficult to access. Many climbers do so by canoe.

Elevation (feet): 12,605
Elevation (meters): 3,842
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Teton Range - Yellowstone Area
State: Wyoming
Latitude: 43.8353
Longitude: -110.776
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Year first climbed: 1922
First successful climber(s): L. Hardy, B. Rich, B. McNulty
Nearest major airport: Jackson, Wyoming
Convenient Center: Jackson, Wyoming

Trip Reports

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  • Log #21092 - by Brennan McCloney on Nov 21, 2007
    hardest freakin climb ive done to date! very rewarding though. great views and fantastic pictures!!!
  • Log #5738 - by Nick Fullmer on May 04, 2004
    My brother (Nate) and I started canoeing later in the afternoon, but still reached the CMC campsite before dark. The canoe ride offers great views of Mount Moran. The CMC campsite is pretty hard to...
  • Log #5739 - by Alan and Jackie Ellis on July 23, 2003
    Made it up to the CMC camp but became violently ill on our summit day and had to bail below Drizzlepuss. The CMC camp is wonderful.
  • Log #5740 - by Jacob Chmielowiec on Mar 03, 2003
    We got a late start becuase it was storming when we had planned to get up. After it stoped we got out and headed up intending to cache our climbing gear at drizzlepuss. We, however, decided to...
  • Log #5741 - by Taylor on Sep 26, 2002
    climbed cmc route after canoeing leigh lake, beautiful weather but we got snowed on (in august!) at the bottom of the last rappel but it dried up quickly affording us a wonderful climb down and one...
  • Log #5742 - by Pat Stout on Jan 26, 2002
    Used bushwack route along north end of Leigh Lake 3 times last summer to Falling Ice glacier outlet stream & CMC trail. It's not too thick and a great alternative for the boatless. By the way,...
  • Log #5743 - by Paul Stacy on Oct 02, 2000
    CMC camp is the best anywhere. Early snow made the descent sketchy and real interesting. Made it a bit further on 2nd attempt (downclimbing from drizzlepus). Maybe next year Tom and I will bag it.
  • Log #5744 - by Dan Tressler on July 21, 2000
    Moran is the second best-kept secret in the Tetons. It provides the whole package: A unique and complex approach (via canoe), wonderful wilderness camping, relief from the hoards on the Grand and the...
  • Log #5745 - by Brent Harder on Dec 08, 1999
    4 of us climbed this fun mountain via the Chicago Mountaineers Route. We took a raft and portaged a lake to get to the base of the climb. Hiked up to the camp in the trees and camped. The next...
  • Log #5747 - by Jud Scheaf on Dec 16, 1998
    The overnight leading up to the CMC route is a must. Thanks, Lauren, for talking Don into it and helping him along the way.
  • Log #5748 - by Don Gregory on Dec 04, 1998
    Summitted via the CMC route on a beautiful but long day. Privileged to run into Krag Unsoeld on the route climbing Unsoeld's needle(named after his father) for the first time. The approach by canoe...
  • Log #5749 - by George Bell on Sep 15, 1998
    Fun approach via canoe, to a great camping spot (CMC camp). The upper CMC face is very big and complex. If you belay it all it will take a long time. We simoclimbed much of it to go faster.