Svoni (Pindos-Agrafa) is the highest mountain of East Agrafa range. It is located in the center of mountain range of Agraga villages. The path from the peak starts from the villages of Agrafa and Vragiana. Vragiana village is 2.5 hours from town Karditsa and village Agrafa is also 2.5 hours from Karpenisi. Starting from Agraga the trail ascends to the north. In 10' we arrives in a crossroad.The left path after 40' ascend on a ridge and after 20' we are in 1100m. A good path now ascend near of Sbororema river. 1.5 hour after, the trail arrives on 1350m. altitude in a spring. We continued to ascend and after 3h40min from the starting point we arrive in 1470m. between the peaks Fourkoula(1726m.) and Tourla(1827). 1h10min ascension with view of Katarachias peak(2003m.) and we arrives to the point that the peak Katarachias(2003m.) separates from the smaller peak Grammeni(1817m.) Now we are on Nialas plateau in 1760m. altitude. In the SouthEast we can see the peak Svoni(2042).We follow the mountain crest and after the peaks Grammeni(1817m.),Tourla(1827) we climb to the peak Svoni(2042m.)

Elevation (feet): 6,699
Elevation (meters): 2,042
Continent: Europe
Country: Greece
Range/Region: Greek-Albanian Ranges
Latitude: 39.15
Longitude: 21.7
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug
Nearest major airport: Athens
Convenient Center: Karditsa or Karpenisi

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