Mulanje Trip Report (#5755)

  • Signed By: Knut Hanken
  • Date submitted: December 20, 2003
  • Date(s) climbed: 30-Nov-2003

I just finished a 3-weeks dream holiday in Malawi together with my girlfriend Linda who works as a nurse at St. John's in Mzuzu. Love you, darling. We climbed Mulanje together and had 3 fantastic days on the massif.

First day we walked from Likabula Forest Station, via the Chambe hut to the new Gisepo hut at the foot of Sapitwa. Actually a building team was still working on the hut and it was really nice and comfortable, laying next to a stream and at the very start of the Sapitwa trail. Amazing that all materials are hand-carried to the hut. Using the cable lift "Skyline" up to the plateau from Likabula, still there is a considerably long way to carry the stuff.

Second day we climbed to the top of Sapitwa. Really an enjoying walk, but it takes more time than you believe. It's only 800 m elevation but we used 4 hrs up and 3 hrs back to the hut. Lot's of huge granite boulders, sometimes with jungle in between, and if you can't scramble from one to the next one, lay down and crawl under or between the boulders. Good fun! 10 minutes after we got back into the hut again a big time thunderstorm started..

Thanks to Nelson, our guide from Likabula, for excellent guiding, good luck with your studies! Sorry I can't remember the name of the porter who also did a great job. After Mulanje we went up north and walked across the Nyika plateau but that's another good story.

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