Mulanje Trip Report (#5758)

I spent 5 days on the Mulanje Massif, employing a guide to take me up to the first hut (Chambe I think). I then trekked alone up Sapitwa on New Years Eve before returning to the hut. The climb was fine, however the waymarks were not clear and the waether deteriorated when i reached the summit, making the descent more difficult. On returning to Chambe hut no one else appeared to have noticed my itinary note, so remember you really are on your own, take care.

After climbing Sapitwa, I spent 3 further days on the massif, crossing via 2 further huts, which I had to myself, before descending to the forest station. I mistakenly assumed that I would be able to hitch back from the station around the massif, but ended up walking. This caused a mixture of amusement and amazement amongst the locals I met on the way - a white man carrying his own pack for 20+ lies was a bit of a surprise.

I had a wonderful time in Mulanje, the scenery and remoteness was uplifting. I watched 3 eagles soar above the massif without a single beat of their wings (Those that wait upon the Lord shall rise up on wings as eagles!), saw apes and snakes and felt privelidged to be able to climb and walk there. On the other hand, there is tremendous poverty in the area, which can be hard to come to terms with.

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