Mulanje Trip Report (#5761)

  • Signed By: Kieran Dodds
  • Date submitted: September 16, 2001

I returned from Malawi 2 weeks ago after the most exhilirating experience of my life. I spent two months on Mulanje mountain predominantly at Lichenya hut studying the blue monkeys there as part of my undergraduate thesis. During this time myself and the other two lads, leaving the ladies at 'home', went for an 8 day exploratory trek around the mountain with our guide Redson. We cliimed Namasile(Sombani), Dzole(MIninu) and Sapitwa all of which were incredibly rewarding and not too challenging either. You can even manage them in your sandals, as I had to after mammoth blisters formed thanks to my leather boots. Now Redson proudly wears them while reminising about our 4 hour ascent of Sapitwa from Chambe. The view was incredible but not as breathtaking as the flight over the mountain we undertook in the last week of August, a truly fitting end to an incredible trip. Now I just have to write it up...

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