Mulanje Trip Report (#5763)

  • Signed By: Roger Wesson of London, UK
  • Date submitted: September 15, 2001

A stunning place. Sure, it's not a technical climb but it's bloody hard! I came very close to giving up just below the summit, where you have to squeeze through a very narrow gap. Luckily I decided to go through, and then saw how close I was to the top. I ran the rest of the way, I was so excited! Stupendous views from the top, and I was lucky to have clear sunny weather.

But, it's not all good up there - my guide was lazy and got me into a very dangerous situation. He wouldn't leave the hut until nearly 7am, then walked very slowly for an hour, before saying he was too tired to go on. I decided to go to the peak myself, and he agreed to meet me at the bottom. When I came back down again he was nowhere to be found, and due to the late start I was still on the trail back to Chambe hut come nightfall. I got lost, and though I blew my whistle and flashed my torch, no-one seemed to be looking for me. I spent the night between two rocks, having covered myself in undergrowth to try and keep warm. I had no water and only two small chunks of chocolate to keep me going. A very unpleasant night.

I was really, really shattered by the time I got back to Blantyre, and I do think that if it had rained I might have been in very serious trouble up there. Please, do not go up there with a guide called Stern.

However, despite the misadventure, it was a positive experience on the whole. Probably the most satisfying peak I've climbed so far.

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