Mulanje Trip Report (#5764)

My expedition to Mt Mulanje with British Schools Exploring Society in the summer of 2000 is one experience that i would love to re-live again. Although there was, a lot of the time a lot of hard work involved the sense of achievement at the end is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The Malawi 2000 teams were split into four 'fires' i was in fire three, CHAGARU, named after one of the peaks at Mt Mulanje - climbing the peak was a sensational feeling and a great boost for team morale. There are a lot of things that i can never forget about Mulanje - a different scene at each of the huts we visited and of course the fun and laughter we shared. The sunsets at Thuchila Hut were always different and spectacular and the jungles at Sombani Hut where we carried out our scientific field work gave us the real 'lost in the jungle' feeling. The 3 stage bridge we built gave us the feeing that we are giving something back to Mulanje. Mulanje truly is an 'island in the sky'.

Indeed it is something of which the memories i will carry with me for the rest of my life, and as for the companionship of CHAGARU and the rest of the Young Explorers on the trip we had a real good laugh as well as learning and discovering so much more about ourselves which in my case opened up many doors for opportunities.

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