Mulanje Trip Report (#5766)

  • Signed By: Emma Waterhouse of Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland
  • Date submitted: September 01, 2000

I have just returned home from Mulanje where I was part of the Malawi 2000 BSES (British Schools Expedition Society) expedition. Our expedition spent just over 3 weeks on Mt Mulanje and during this time we split into "fires". These are groups of around 10 young explores and two leaders plus a Malawian guide and we camped and lived together on the mountain. The fire I was a member of was named after the peak "CHAGARU" and we felt we had to climb the peak. Our Malawian guide Anthony believes we were the first people in 10 years to climb Chagaru. It is a pretty tough and HARDCORE climb with some tricky scrambling and no path but the view from the top is spectacular and was well worth the trip. I loved my time on the mountain and in particular the fab views and sunsets. I would really like to go back some time in the future. Emma.

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