Mulanje Trip Report (#5770)

I climbed Mulanje while on a road trip with some fellow students from the university of Cape town. It was the highlight of my journey to Africa. Luckily, the weather was perfect and our guides amiable. other than a brief but terrifying run-in with a cobra of some kind, it was the most ideal adventure I had ever been on before. our one regret was not to bring alcohol, especially some rum, brandy, or whiskey, because it got pretty damn cold up at the top. i implore to you to read laurens van der Post's "Venture to the Interior" - it has a few chapters describing Mulanje and its environs but in marked contrast to my experience. He describes it as a frightful place, full of spirits and dark, mystical forces. Quite the paradise in my day! Anyways, climb the sucker if you get a chance, and keep your eyes out for the Indian Ocean to the east.

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