Mulanje Trip Report (#5771)

  • Signed By: Aaron Frick
  • Date submitted: October 18, 1998

Mulanje is brilliant area with many great climbs that offer good easy trekking between them. The initial climb onto the massif takes one whole day and from there it is great hiking between peaks. The first one that i encountered was the most difficult and i failed on my first attempt as i had to climbing gear. It is Chambe peak and can be very challenging. One must be very confident without ropes as it get technical, but the reward is great at the summit. The next paek i climbed was Sapitwa, which in the local language means "don't go there."(i went there twice). It is not a difficult climb but takes longer than i had thought. it is a full day up and down from the base hut. The views from the top are spectacular and on a clear day you can see the indain ocean. sapitwa is 3000m. Mulanje is a great place to get away from the rest of the world as it is not hard to trek in this area and the local people are incredibly friendly. If you get anywhere near Malawi don't miss it!

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