Ceboruco last erupted from 1870 until 1872 to produce a large flank flow of andesite. According to RS Thorpe and PW Francis, in prehistoric times Ceborucco has had at least 2 very large eruptions that produced 2 concentric calderas. Ceborucco rises about 1000 m above its base and has a summit elevation of 2164 m. The original volcano was comprised mostly of thin andesite lava flows and pyroclastic layers. Since the calderas formed, however, the flows have tended to be thick, some are more than 100 m thick!

Elevation (feet): 7,480
Elevation (meters): 2,280
Continent: North America
Country: Mexico
Range/Region: Cordillera Neovolcanica
Latitude: 21.125
Longitude: -104.508333
Most recent eruption: 1872
Nearest major airport: Guadalajara, Mexico

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