Aconcagua Trip Report (#17217)

  • Signed By: Bob Dawson
  • Date submitted: February 12, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 19 January, 2004

What a fantastic experience! 8 out of 11 of us in the Colorado Mountain Club reached the Aconcagua summit via the normal route at about 2:30pm on a nearly perfect day. We decided to make the summit push from Nido, instead of Berlin, saving the energy of another high camp move. I believe this was a wise decision, as moving to Berlin only saves 1200 vertical feet on summit day. The 4700 foot upclimb took 9.5 hours. After spending many days in bad weather, summit day (19th of January, 2004) was warm and clear, and most of us completed the final summit push without even a jacket. 22,841 feet in two thin poly-pro layers! We spent a good amount of time on the summit, including a witness of the World Record for Extreme Ironing (See What a hoot!). The downclimb weather turned poor; almost whiteout conditions at times, but still relatively warm. We had to pay close attention to our route down. At a very leisurely pace, the downclimb took 4 hours.

Though not at all technical, this was an overall significant experience in terms of the total amount of effort, but a total blast and well worth it.

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