Aconcagua Trip Report (#17220)

  • Signed By: Adam DeHeer
  • Date submitted: February 06, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 22nd of Jan 2004

I went to Aconcagua being ready for anything. It being my first expidition style climb I learned agreat deal from the trip. I went with 3 other climbers from a Portland climbing club (the Mazamas) including our leader Rick Posekany. Rick a low scale guiding company be the name of Santiam Alpine Guides. Rick lead a last year and got 4 of 4 to summit. This year he did the same. With the mountain only allowing an average of 3 or 4 out 10 to summit a 100% succes rate two years running is very impressive. The entire trip was a dream. I had been training for about 4 months prior which made a great difference in how enjoyable the trip was. I have few suggestions. The most important one beiong to give yourself plenty of time on your permit and with food, that will give you the greatest chance for succes. We ended up spendiong 20 days from start to finish given weather and a failed first attempt. My only other suggestion is in regard to our failed first attempt. One of our members was carrying a water reservoir in his jacket to prevent the tube from freezing. It had a heavy duty zip lock top (Platipus brand) and 2 hr.s into the climb it burst open sendin 1.5 litres down his leg and into his boot. I would suggest that if worried about freezing water, simply use a camel back type hydration system as a resivoir only and keep in your back and fill other bottles with it. This was an experience of a life time and encourage a safe attempt. Good luck to all. And if persons in the pacific northwest are interested in contacting rick you can contact me and I have his information.

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