Aconcagua Trip Report (#17290)

I went with four friends though only two of us made it to the top. It was such a wonderful experience that a book and a CD ROM guide of the normal route with plenty of photos have been two of the consequences. People we met in Argentina were no less wonderful than the "Stone Sentinel" itself.

You may find it useful to know how long it took us to climb the mountain from the base camp of Plaza de Mulas. Here you are:

January 9: 4 hours to Cambio de Pendiente + 50 min to Nido de Condores.

January 10: Up to Berlin (1 hour 20 min.) and back down to Nido to acclimatize.

January 11: Resting day in Nido.

January 12: We leave Nido at 3.30 am get to Berlin at 5.20 am, rest for more or less 20 min. 8.45 Independencia Hut 11.00 bottom of Canaleta and 12.30 pm north summit. at 16.40 we were back in Nido.

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