Aconcagua Trip Report (#17316)

  • Signed By: Mike Mays of Eagle River, AK, USA
  • Date submitted: May 12, 2002

Our team consisting of Brad Hornung of Anchorage, Alaska; Lisa Houston of Montgomery, Alabama; and Heather Rowland of Anchorage, Alaska; and myself, successfully completed a traverse of Aconcauga via the Vacus/Relinchos Valley (Polish Glacier Falso Route) and then out the Horcones Valley (Normal Route) in 21 days. Brad and I successfully summited from our high camp at White Rocks (20,150') on 1/31/01 & 2/1/01. Both Lisa & Heather established their new altitude records of 22,500' and 20,200' respectively. GREAT climb & SUPER trip!

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