Aconcagua Trip Report (#17341)

  • Signed By: Shani Tan
  • Date submitted: May 12, 2002

Horcones Route. This is my second attempt, first was last year on the Falso Polacos (Polish Traverse). Much better weather this year, the trip being about 4 weeks later. Water availabiltiy in Plaza de Mulas much better than P. Argentina. Some snow on the Caneleta made the scree much more manageble, but still really hard work . Our group of 9 got cut down by AMS to 7 by the time we got to Berlin, and 3 turned back at the Independencia. the remaining 4 reached the summit at 1525h after leaving Berlin at 0700h that morning. Clear windless day. Perfect. I'm so relieved !! and HAPPY !!. The 4 people who summited were : Chris Vachon (USA), Steve Hoddy, Nick Gerrard (UK) and myself (SINGAPORE)."

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