Aconcagua Trip Report (#17359)

  • Signed By: William Marler of Montreal, Qc, Canada
  • Date submitted: May 12, 2002

I have had several requests for an equipment list and info. I am posing one here for all who wish. Safe climbing for all. Cheers William Marler

Here is a brief list for you. This is apprioximately what I take.

4-pairs socks 6-underware 1-pair of shorts for the walk in 2-pair t-shirts for the walk in 2-bandanas or a sun hat too keep off the sun Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen plus zinc Good sturdy Hiking shoes 1-sleeping bag (as warm as you can get) 1-sleeping pad (your choice the more confortable you are the better you sleep the more energy you will have) you can get a Crazy Creek chair that goes with your pad this is a good investment. 2-expedition weight Patagonia long underwear tops 1-expedition weight Patagonia long underwear bottom 1-lightweight fleese bottom 1-heavy weight Patagonia fleese jacket 1-Gortex shell jacket 1-Gortex shell pants (full length zippers) 1-Down filled jacket liner (optional but I always end up using it) 1-Downfilled Gortex guides Parka 1-Warm hat with ear flaps 2-pair of heavy dury mittens (inc ase you lose one up high) 1-pair fleese gloves 1-pair ski gloves 1-pair of Koflach double plastic boots or Asolo (I think Koflach are better) 1-pair of gaitors 1-pair ski poles 1-ice axe (mostly for digging tent platforms) 1-pair of sharp crampons ( test them on you boots before you leave and make sure they fit perfectly) 1-headlamp with extra batteries 1-cup with spoon attached 1-Swissarmy knife 1- stove of your choice (I use Markhill stormy hanging stone with Blueway cartridges, you can get fuel in Chile or Argentina as it is difficult to fly down) allow 10 canisters per 2-man tent. You can also get white gaz easily. 1-tent ( you can bring two if you wish and leave one set up at base camp in case one of you has to stay down for any reason. food for 12-15 days. If in doubt go with less rather than more as you appitite will decrease at the higher camps. 3-1-litre waterbottles each (drink at least 5 litres a day to help acclimitise) If you go the Polish traverse route (more clean and less novices geting into trouble) allow three days at least for the approch. Here is how it can go. You can alter as you go depending on how you feel. Day one- Pampa laina Day two- Casa Piedra Day three- Plaza Argentina Day four- Rest Day five- Carry a load to camp 1 Day six- Move up to camp 1 Day seven- Rest Day eight- Carry to camp 2 (high camp) Day nine- Rest Day ten- Move up to camp 2 Day eleven- walk to 21,500 feet Independencia to understand the route Day twelve- get up early 3:00am and start for the summit with headlamps and crampons this is a long day allow 10-12 hours or longer for the round trip. Day thirteen- decend to base camp then arragne mules with the rangers for you gear and walk out to Casa Piedra to spend the night. Day fourteen- walk out to the highway at mount of the Rio Vacas have a pick up scheduled in advance and have the rangers confirm it if possible.

Well thats all I can think of at the moment. any other questions just ask.

I stay at the Hotel Nutibara in Mendoza you can find cheaper and more expensive but the pool is the best. I stay at the Hotel Asylen in Penitentes food is good and the price is reasonable I rent mules from Ricardo Hatif of Aconcagua Express but others are good.

Best of luck and have a safe climb. Cheers William Marler

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