Aconcagua Trip Report (#17376)

We were a group of 6 from Saxonia, Germany. We all summited, via different routes: Rai Gentzsch and Dirk Pannenborg on Jan 22 via Polish Glacier Direct, Stefan Adlung and Gerd Plate on Jan 23 via False Polish Route, Jens Geissler and I via Polish Glacier Original on Jan 24. Don't underestimate height and coldness! Though well acclimatized and having perfect weather it took us 11 hours to reach the summit from Camp 2 (5900m). I felt much more strenous and tired than climbing Chan Tengri (7010m) in August 1997. We went down on False Polish Route, a very boring and monotonous descent; also not advisable in ascent. Some remarks to Greg Gawel and companions: We watched them climbing Polish Direct Route on Jan 23 from Camp 2. They were very slow, reached an altitude of about 6400m at 4 p.m. This should have been the moment to turn back (like 4 other guys had done). It's not heroic but very hazardous and irresponsible to climb on without bivouac equipment! We saw one dead body during climbing at Piedra Bandera (6400m), having probably overrated himself, watched four dead (Argentinian?) climbers whose corpses were carried down and taken away by Helicopter. It might have been 3 more...

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