Aconcagua Trip Report (#17381)

  • Signed By: Jose Manuel Gonzalez Diaz of Naucalpan, Mex, Mexico
  • Date submitted: May 12, 2002

Summited after 14 days with friend Manuel Barbara, via normal Route. Nice people at the Mt., weather predictable, beware of lenticular clouds and mainly from cirrus coming from yhe west, they indicate a storm within 24 hrs, we confirm this twice during our ascent!

My advice if you want to succed to summit is: be patience and don't rush! we spent 1 night at Confluencias, 4 nights at Mulas, 3 at Canada 4 at Condores and one more at Berlin before our summit atempt, no problem, remember to climb high and sleep low, carry loads to Berlin and go back to Condores for rest, then back to Berlin (or White Rocks) for summit attempt.

If you're planning Aconcagua via this route and want some more hints, only ask.


P.D. I highly recomend J.C. Secour's book!

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