Aconcagua Trip Report (#19140)

  • Signed By: David Cressman
  • Date submitted: February 02, 2006
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
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I made it to the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaa! The highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas! Aconcogua was no cakewalk though. The client (Babu) and GAvin never went higher then basecamp (14000 feet). They actually went out early and left me to my own devices. I ended up humping my stuff up to Nido del Condor where I spent 4 nights at around 18000 feet. The views were amazing. I ended up having to wait out some bad weather and high winds. The lenticulars can be pretty amazing on this peak. I decided to summit from here instead of going up to one of the high camps. I was feeling pretty good, but I was beginning to talk to myself too much so I decided I had better get my butt up this mountain and get back to civilization. I left my camp at 7am, Feb 1 after having some cold salmon/pesto dinner from the night before. Not a great start, but it was better then a solid/frozen cliff bar. Did I mention that it was cold! It was impossible to keep anything from freezi
unless I slept with it. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Anyhow, I charged up the peak. Yea right. Well I did real well until about the 22000 feet which is the base of what they call the Canaletta. I had about 900 feet to go, but the route gets fairly steep at this point with lots of rocks with snow and ice in between. This is where a lot of folks give up, but not me! Oh no, I suppressed what brain cells I had left and continued on. It was not too bad except for the fact that it really sucked. Impossible to get enough of that stuff called oxygen!! Well I finally huff and puffed my up too the summit just before the bar closed at 300PM Feb 1, 2006. Boy was I glad, I really needed a stiff drink. Did I mention that I was maybe a little hypoxic at this point? Well I proceded to take a few photos of what appears to be random rocks and trash and other such things that a mind lacking oxygen thinks are cool.I finally remembered that I needed to go back down and proceded to do so. I finally got back to camp 4 hours later and passed out. 8
hours up
, 4 down. Not bad for a gringo.

Went down to base camp the next day and then back out to Puente del Inca the next day. That last day was not so easy either. 25 miles!! Able to catch a bus back to Mendoza where I am now. A couple of bottles of terrrific Malbec wine and I am ready to go climb again. Short term memory loss is a great thing for every climber to have. The wine doesnt hurt either.



David Cressman
VP Operations
Sierra Wilderness Seminars

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