Aconcagua Trip Report (#21234)

Our self-organized group with 5 members in total reached the summit on March 03, 2008 on the 15th day of our expedition. We climbed up to Plaza Argentina (4200m), Camp 1 (5000m), Camp 3 of the Guanacos route (5500m), and Camp Colera (6000m), and down to Plaza de Mulas (4300m).

In Plaza Argentina we rested 4 days, in Camp 1 we spent two days, in Camp 3 three days, and in Camp Colera also three days, including the summit day.

All of our group reached the summit, and we stayed >1 hour there. We had a lot of snow, but no wind on the top, and it was a great experience. It was very cold on the summit day. Protect your feet!

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