Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi Trip Report (#5820)

  • Signed By: Kai
  • Date submitted: March 13, 2001
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The Garwhal in India had been banned for climbers for some years because:

"the sacred sanctuary of Nanda Devi had been violated in the mid 1960s bz secret CIA-sponsored expeditions. In 1965, a CIA-financed team of top American climbers tried to place a nuclear-powered tracking station on top of Nanda Devi to monitor Chinese nuclear and rocket tests. Two thousand feet short of the summit, the climbers turned back, leaving the nucelar power pack behind. The following spring a team returned to discover that the pack full of plutonium-238 had been swept down the mountain. One climber soloed to the summit, but the CIA was left with a major problem. The plutonium-238 might one daz begin to lead, flowing down from the headwaters of the Ganges, polluting and poisoning. Another expedition tried to retrieve the device, but it lies there still, buried under snow and ice, a potential danger for the next three hundred to five hundred years."

(Laurence Leamer: Ascent. The Spiritual and Physical Quest of Willi Unsoeld, New York 1982 page 259)

Does anyone know more about this extraordinary event? Can anyone tell me where I can find more on this?

Best wishes and thanks for your help


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