Montana de Celaque

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The Montagne de Celaque is Honduras's highest peak. While technically not a difficult mountain to summit, it does take several long days of walking to get there and back from Gracias. The trail follows one of the many rivers who's headwaters begin on the mountains slopes, up through the tropical forests of the national park before entering the misty cloud forest which covers the upper slopes. A convenient cabin is located near the entrance to the park with all the basic amenities (bring food, bedding, etc) and there is another one half way up the mountain but don't plan on staying there as it is very basic with sheet metal and little else. Despite what locals may tell you, it is possible to summit and return to the visitors center in a single day. The body of a dutch tourist was found in 1999 so take all appropriate care.

Elevation (feet): 9,275
Elevation (meters): 2,827
Continent: North America
Country: Honduras
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jul, Nov, Dec
Nearest major airport: San Pedro Sula
Convenient Center: Gracias

Thanks to Tim Bollans for adding this peak.

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  • Log #22228 - by Christine Theodorovics on Aug 16, 2011
    Very long climb up and down through endless forstest and no view on top as there are still trees. Potentially dangerous in terms of criminality.
  • Log #21893 - by Christian Rodriguez on Feb 13, 2010
    April 2007, with Arturo Andrade we finish the long travesy climbing the 3 highest summits EL GALLO, LAS MINAS and GUATEMALILLO. June 2009, a 12 hours round trip with Robert Assarian from Armenia....
  • Log #20922 - by Christine Theodorovivs on July 31, 2007
    Long, long, long climb with a peak in the woods....
  • Log #17446 - by Tim Bollans on Nov 02, 2003
    The cloud forest at the top part of the trail was incredible with a stillness not seen in many parts of Honduras, clouds rolled in as I summited so can't comment on the view. Hurricane Mitch hit us...