Gunung Mulu

Gunung Mulu Trip Report (#17457)

At May 10th we, a SNP travelgroup, climbed the pinnacles. From camp 5 in Mulu National Park we started the ascend of the mountain at about 07.15 hours. Of the 8 members of our group 6 made it to the summit, where we arrived aprox. 4.5 hours later. The view from the top is stunning, the pinnacles "white-grayish" colour just lights up against the dark green background of the rainforest. The climb itself is quite hard work, as for the trail is only 2.4 km long but climbes over a 1000m. The last part of the climb is quite an adventure. Several near vertical ladders and ropes have to be climbed to get to the summit. All in all it is a hard days work but well worth the effort! The rainforest surrounding you is absolutly beautiful. Make sure you bring enough water with you. At least 3-4 liters per person is needed. During te ascend and descend it kept on raining which made the trail very slippery. We arrived in camp 5 at 17.00 hours. The next day we hiked the second part of the headhunters trail on our way towards Limbang.

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